Integrated Installation Solutions

Just like in all other sectors, the development of technology boosts innovation in the installation and construction sector as well. Next to that, the construction sector is presented with another challenge, being the changing workforce. This does not refer to the average age of the workforce but also the interests and attractiveness of the sector for new generations to enter.

Due to these developments, the demands and expectations for installations solutions are changing. As a result, installation solutions are expected to

  • have a standard, recognisable quality,
  • be compliant with the latest regulations,
  • obtain the required green credentials,
  • be easy to use,
  • take less time to install, and
  • deliver new added value

And this added value can take various forms. For example, you can think of value-added services in terms of design and calculation support but even in terms of installation and maintenance.



“The more elements and activities during the lifecycle of a project a single partner can cover, the easier your life becomes!”

Installation Solutions Integrated

Prefab was a major milestone, but now it’s time to take the next steps

Prefabrication and the modular construction of building blocks have brought great benefits to the installation sector. Time and cost savings, together with faster and safer installation on-site, are among the most recognised benefits. By applying pre-assembled elements manufactured offsite, our sector can also better deal with the increasing labour shortage.

As a result of changing customer demands and digitalisation, the meaning of prefabrication has been evolving. Unlike a few years back, prefabrication does not just refer to the offsite assembly of some preselected products anymore. Today, it refers to the unique combination and integration of standardised components combined with lean manufacturing practices to optimise production, ordering and the customisation needs of customers.


“In Europe, 56% of the installers use prefab products, and almost 39% of the projects the prefab users have worked on contain some form of prefab.”

European Mechanical Installation Monitor –Q2 2020 by USP Marketing Consultancy

Integrated Installation Solutions from Walraven

Right from the start, the main goal of Walraven has been to deliver smart solutions that create value. Smart solutions that make the job on-site easier, faster and safer. As the installation sector and expectations from installation and fixing solutions are evolving, Walraven is working on new ways to deliver integrated solutions with more added value.



Meet our Horizontal Distribution System

The horizontal distribution system from Walraven refers to an integrated approach of combining cooling, heating, insulation, sprinkler modules, cable tray, valves, coupling and anchoring in one standard offer while managing the entire design, production, delivery and installation process of the system.

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