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About the job

Walraven USA is currently hiring an Operations Manager! The primary responsibility of the Operations Manager is the coordination of inventory, logistics, and manufacturing processes at our Danville, VA plant. This coordination extends through raw material purchasing, production scheduling, and in-house partnership arrangements. Another critical role of the Operations Manager is to prepare the company/plant for upcoming growth opportunities by managing special projects.
The primary objective for this position is to ensure/manage operations for the Danville plant. This requires manufacturing to be organized and efficient and seamlessly tied to production planning and purchasing. Process management documentation/standards are implemented and secured with the supply chain processes from purchase through customer delivery. This will ensure we meet the Walraven quality and service expectations, including proper updated documentation.
As required, this position is expected to have timely quality communications with:

  • Plant Manager
  • Manufacturing staff
  • Warehouse staff
  • Shipping staff
  • Customer service staff
  • Managing Director / President
  • HR Manager
  • Other contracts within the group if applicable

What you will do:

Working areas and expected results per area


  • Responsible for managing the shop floor
  • Responsible for communicating the local manufacturing strategy to all plant associates
  • Achieving manufacturing metrics but not limited to manufacturing output, efficiency, scrap and people performance
  • Alignment with the plant management on the local manufacturing plan (3 year)
  • Responsible for ensuring the maintenance and operational effectiveness of machines, equipment, and tools used in the manufacturing processes.


Warehousing & Logistics

The Operations Manager is responsible for day-to-day management on the plant floor regarding the warehouse & logistics management process. The individual will oversee the processes, to ensure goods are received and dispatched appropriately

  • Ensures accurate storage of finished and semi-finished products
  • Maintains well-organized storage locations and a clean working environment
  • Ensures adherence to all safety standards in areas of responsibility
  • Inventory accuracy is well maintained through proper procedures and regular cycle counts
  • All incoming and outgoing goods are provided with the right packing material and counts
  • Purchasing

The Operations Manager is responsible for a vital part of the supply chain process; the purchase management process. The individual manages the processes and systems to ensure goods are purchased and received appropriately and internal productivity targets are met.

  • Responsible for the purchase planning and execution
  • Responsible for process management and implementation in regard to trade articles and raw materials
  • Responsible for the inventory management
  • Process management

The Operations Manager is responsible for developing, implementing, and maintaining local process management documentation for the plant

  • Responsible for developing the processes in accordance with company standards
  • Responsible for process management and implementation
  • Ensures work instructions are developed and implemented

Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment

The Operations Manager makes employees aware of the observance of rules on working conditions, safety, and quality, as written in the rules and regulations.

  • Shares responsibility for the quality of the goods/services that are produced, received, stored, and shipped from the facility
  • Shared responsibility for the execution of the company’s Health & Safety Policies
  • Ensures that employees work in accordance with applicable procedures and quality systems
  • Ensures accurate and timely documentation of working accidents in their area of responsibility
  • Initiates / contributes to required measures to prevent accidents
  • Is responsible for a neat, clean, and organized department
  • Responsible for the forklifts and reach trucks and ensures that they are used properly and maintained in a proper manner
  • In the absence of the Plant Manager, the Factory Team leader / Operations Manager is the first point of contact for the plant’s working environment

Business Information Process

The Operations Manager ensures accurate use of the Warehouse Management System and ERP system
Is a key user/trainer for ERP within the facility

Desired Skills and Experience

What you have:
(Experience and education necessary for success in this role)
Bachelor’s Degree with Manufacturing/Industrial Engineering experience preferred
5 years of experience in a production environment
Technical knowledge and experience with Walraven products are a plus
Good knowledge of MS Office (Word, Excel Outlook) and ERP & WMS software
Understand organizational structure and process relationships
Able to innovate and contribute collaboratively to transformation processes
Result-orientated, quality-focused, self-starting, team player, and problem solver


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