Pacifyre® BFC

  • easy to install
  • suitable for damp conditions
  • for thin- and thick-walled pipes

Additional Specifications

Specifications and Packaging


Product Specifications

  • easy to install
  • suitable for damp conditions
  • for thin- and thick-walled pipes
  • for flexible walls, solid walls and ceilings
  • up to 2 hours fire protection in wall penetrations
  • up to 4 hours fire protection on floor/ceiling penetrations
  • oversized for increased flexibility
  • low height of 42.5 mm

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Complementary Products

Complementary products for Pacifyre® BFC

  • 2180015300_BIS_Pacifyre_FPM

    Pacifyre® FPM

    • for sealing around:
    • recommended for sealing ventilation flaps, ventilation ducts and fire protection doors (leading firestop element should refer to a class A1 fire rated mortar sealant)
    • can be used by hand or with a mortar gun

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Alternative products for Pacifyre® BFC

  • 2132100600_BIS_Pacifyre_EFC

    Pacifyre® EFC Fire Collar

    • suitable for areas which are difficult to access, like corners
    • a small number of intumescent layers required, so a smaller drill hole is possible
    • suitable for damp conditions

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  • 2135XXXXXX_BIS_Pacifyre_AWM_III

    Pacifyre® AWM III Fire Collar

    • built-up fire collar for plastic (combustible) pipes and pipe systems. For apertures in walls (solid walls or light partition walls) and ceilings with fire protection in accordance with UK Legislation
    • suitable for damp conditions
    • low collar height, allowing building of bends, sockets and T-joints close to the wall or ceiling

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