Time-saving bracket for electrical and plumbing installations

Walraven RSWB – Rapid Sliding Wall Bracket

Useful for both plumbers and electricians, the RSWB is the perfect replacement for wooden noggins to mount pipework and electrical boxes in stud walls or floor joists. It’s cost-effective, easy to install, versatile, and looks good, too! With two sizes available, it will fit any joist divided between 25 and 60cm.

Features and Benefits

  • extendable bracket for faster mounting of electrical boxes, conduit, pipework, shower valves, flues and more!
  • can be fixed to wood or metal joists
  • two sizes available: 25-40cm (10-16″) and 40-60cm (16-24″)
  • quicker and easier to install than traditional wooden noggins
  • can be set at multiple depths
  • compatible with Walraven’s starQuick® plastic clamps for faster pipe fixing
  • Made in Britain
  • Material: lightweight, high-quality galvanised steel

Take a look at our video to see exactly how the Walraven RSWB works!

Plumbers and Electricians who have used this product told us:

“These are a time saver in every way”                   “A quick and simple solution”

“Brilliantly made and easy to use”                         “These are a game-changer”

“You won’t regret getting these. I ordered 20 then after using one I ordered a whole box for the van!”

Install in 3 easy steps

RSWB                  RSWB                  RWSB

1. Supplied in connected halves, simply snap                 2. Slide the two halves together and set at                3. Bend the fixing plates along the markers
the bracket apart                                                                   the required length                                                         if required, for multiple depth settings


Other installers used these products in combination with the Walraven Britclips® RSWB

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