A Thank You To Walraven Employees

Published on: 20 July 2020

Walraven Factory Worker

A huge thank you goes out to all Walraven employees who make it easy for our customers! They continue to deliver outstanding customer service through these ever-changing times (COVID-19), not skipping a beat! To our Warehouse Team, Sales Team and Administrative Team: thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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Walraven Bio

Walraven is a family owned company that is a global market leader of value-added installation systems for mechanical, plumbing, fire, seismic and electrical industries and applications (hangers, clamps, strut, fire protection, etc…). The company is headquartered in The Netherlands, and operates in Europe, China, Asia, India, Middle East and North America. In America, Walraven manufacturers and markets, pipe hangers, strut accessories and in-wall solutions specifically designed for US plumbing and mechanical applications.

These high-quality products are engineered to support materials used in most installations such as PEX, PVC, CPVC, PP, copper, steel, cast iron and conduit, providing contractors with simpler, smarter, faster and easier installations while improving profitability. Walraven products are incorporated in a wide range of residential, light commercial and heavy-duty commercial applications: houses, hotels, high-rises, apartment complexes, schools/universities, airports, multi-use buildings, sports arenas and industrial facilities, just to name a few. Most of our products offer superior corrosion resistance, noise and vibration reduction, are UV, plenum and/or fire rated and meet most US standards including Buy American and UL Listings.

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