The Revolutionary Alternatives to the Strut & Cushion Clamp

Published on: 5 November 2019

The Value of Smart: W-Strut Clamp

The W Series Clamps are the best way to mount pipes to strut. One size can fit multiple pipes, reducing the types of clamps needed to complete a project. Its patented one-piece design and durability allows installers to prefabricate a job, saving time and labor costs in the process. Simply stated, the W Series Clamps make any installation project easier, safer and more affordable! Why use traditional strut and cushion clamps when there’s Walraven W Series Clamps that: -10 times more durable than zinc -Coating makes them perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications

-Engineered to fit multiple pipe sizes -Mounting options: strut, directly to wall or suspends from threaded rod

-Standard 3-way screw head: fits Phillips, flat and hex

-W2000 Cushion Clamp is rubber lined, preventing corrosion from dissimilar metals and reduces noise and vibration

-W5000 Cushion Clamp for plastic pipe is rubber lined, protects plastic pipe and unique spacers allows pipe to expand and contract

-W6000 Insulated Clamp with vapor seal and is available with 3/8” and 1/2” insulation

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Walraven is a family owned company that is a global market leader of value-added installation systems for mechanical, plumbing, fire, seismic and electrical industries and applications. In the United States of America, Walraven manufacturers and markets pipe hangers, clamps, strut accessories, pipe support and in-wall solutions specifically designed for US plumbing, electrical and mechanical applications. These high-quality products are engineered to support materials used in most installations such as PEX, PVC, CPVC, PP, copper, steel, cast iron and conduit, providing contractors with simpler, smarter, faster and easier installations while improving profitability.

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