starQuick® – The Versatile Plastic Pipe Clamp *Video*

Published on: 4 December 2019


This versatile pipe clamp can be used to quickly and securely install multiple pipe runs for heating, electrical and plumbing installations. The clever self-closing feature means the pipe clip closes securely when the pipe is simply pushed into it. Press down again to easily unlock if required. Suitable for lightweight copper or plastic pipework (CPVC, PVC, PEX, etc…), this pipe clamp comes with a full range of accessories to enable easy attaching to any substrate, to rail or strut and to threaded rod. These useful clamps are also UL listed, making them perfect for US contractors to use in their next build.

Peter Booth (@pbplumber) told us: “I couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen these clips before, and that one clip had so many features. I really like the two-step closing, so you can still move the pipe before the second click fixes it in place. And they unlock really easily too, without damaging them. I’ve just replaced all the clips in my van with these.”

starQuick® Features & benefits

+One-part clamp
+Clamp closes by applying pressure to the pipe
+For outdoor use and installations in swimming pool environments, chemical factories, zinc factories, etc.
+Due to a patented profile it is possible to tack several clamps to each other (up to 1 ¼” CP)
+Material: modified PA6 (polyamide), grey
+Resistant to UV, aging, oil and gasoline
+Corrosion-free, recyclable, halogen free
+Temperature resistance: -40 ºF to +190 ºF constant, +260 ºF peak (Note: temperature must be above 15 °F during installation process)
+Plenum rated – tested to ASTM E-84

The starQuick® plastic clamp, a truly versatile solution!

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