Walraven Adjustable Flush Valve Support Replaces 5 Products

Published on: 13 March 2020

Walraven Flush Valve Support

Walraven’s all-new Adjustable Flush Valve Support is made for wall mounted toilet carriers to support the 1” line from toilet carrier to wall. Its’ rubber lined support clamp provides vibration and noise reduction. This simple product replaces 5 competitor products, saving contractors money on the job.

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Walraven “The value of smart”

Walraven is a family owned company that is a global market leader of value-added installation systems for mechanical, plumbing, fire, seismic and electrical industries and applications. In the United States of America, Walraven manufacturers and markets pipe hangers, clamps, strut accessories, pipe support and in-wall solutions specifically designed for US plumbing, electrical and mechanical applications. These high-quality products are engineered to support materials used in most installations such as PEX, PVC, CPVC, PP, copper, steel, cast iron and conduit, providing contractors with simpler, smarter, faster and easier installations while improving profitability.


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