Heavy Duty Clamps

Heavy Duty Clamps

Walraven’s heavy duty clamps are specially designed for installing high load pipework.

High safe load and fire safety

The Heavy Duty Clamps have been tested to support heavy loads according to RAL-GZ 655 as well as tested for fire safety according to RAL-GZ 656. Therefore these clamps offer high quality and reliability for heavy pipe installation.

Easy installation

The heavy duty clamps have no sharp edges or corners. The clamp ends have been well finished and contribute to an uncomplicated assembly. The locking nut is captive, hidden in a plastic nut holder, and the screws are secured with anti-loss washers. No more time wasted with incomplete clamps and loose parts!

To place the pipe into the clamp, only one side needs to be unscrewed as this allows for a sufficient opening in which to place the pipe. The pipe can be secured very quickly!

Optimal surface protection

The BIS Heavy Duty (HD) clamps are part of the BIS UltraProtect® 1000 range. This means they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications and can withstand a salt spray corrosion test of at least 1,000 hours.

Features & Benefits

  • Robust design for heavy loads
  • Lined HD 1501 is sound insulating according to DIN 4109
  • Easy to install
  • Indoor and outdoor use
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