Light Duty Clamps

Light Duty Clamps

Walraven’s single screw and 2-Screw clamps provide fast and reliable solutions to hold light to medium load pipes, that are either insulated or uninsulated.

BISMAT® Flash – Easy to close with one hand

The BISMAT® Flash is a single screw, zinc plated pipe clamp with quick locking system. The locking screw can be secured by one simple thumb push, no tools required. As the locking screw is manually closed, there is minimal rubber compression: this results in better absorption of noise and vibration. The BISMAT® Flash is suitable for mounting all types of metal pipes ½” up to and including 2”.

Bismat Flash

2S-lined 2S-unlined

W Series Strut Clamps

The W Series Family of Strut Clamps are the latest, revolutionary way to mount pipes to strut. One-size clamp can fit multiple pipe diameters, reducing the types of clamps needed to complete a project. Each clamp is easily installed with one hand. The patented one-piece design along with its overall durability allows installers to prefabricate a job, saving time and labor costs in the process. The surface of each clamp is treated with high-grade Zn-Mg based coating which withstands a salt spray corrosion test of at least 600 hours.

BISMAT ® 5000

BISMAT® 5000 is a rubber lined pipe clamp uniquely designed for plastic pipe applications. This two-part clamp has a hinged side and the BISMAT® patented single screw locking system. The specially designed, green, UV-resistant, EPDM rubber lining is smooth to allow for the expansion of plastic pipes. The patented removable spacer washers on the screw are designed to make this clamp suitable for sliding or fixed points. Noise insulating and ASTM E-84 plenum rated. The BISMAT® 5000 is zinc plated for corrosion resistance.

BIS 4000

BIS 4000 is a two screw clamp specially designed to prevent damage to metric plastic pipes. This easy-to-install, zinc plated clamp features removable spacer washers which allows pipe to safely expand and contract. It is very versatile and is suitable for either sliding or anchoring installations. Because of its quick-locking feature, the BIS 4000 clamp will not open during installation.

Features & Benefits

  • Light and medium applications
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Rubber lining for noise and vibration absorption/reduction
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BISMAT ® 5000

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