Medium Duty Clamps

Medium Duty Clamps

Walraven’s single screw and 2-Screw clamps provide fast and reliable solutions to hold medium load pipes, that are either insulated or uninsulated.

BISMAT® 2000: Quick locking for fast installation

BISMAT® 2000 is a lined pipe clamp with patented locking system to fix all types of metal pipes from Ø 15 – 219 mm . The locking system is quick and easy to close with one hand which makes it fast to install. The clamp is zinc plated and has a noise insulating rubber lining, made of UV-resistant EPDM rubber.

bismat 2000

bismat 5000 g2

Bifix® 5000 G2

Bifix® 5000 G2 is a unique and premium line of clamps covering all types of pipe mounting solutions, both indoors and outdoors. With removable space washers, this clamp is suitable for either slidig or anchoring installations. Its surface is protected but the BIS UltraProtect 1000, meaning it can withstand a salt spray corrosion test of at least 1000 hours. The green, EPDM lining helps reduce noise and vibration.

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