How to comply to fire safety regulations

Each country has its own laws and regulations about building, remodeling and renovating. This includes the fire safety requirements. We would like to explain how you can meet these requirements as well as possible.fire_regulations_image1_480x470px

Safety First!

Through the increased fire protection in buildings, people, who live or work on the property, have more time to get themselves to safety in case of a fire. Also, the fire department has more time to extinguish the fire, especially when it remains within a closed fire compartment.

Ask for Advice Early

There are various ways in order to meet the fire safety requirements. An important tip is to ask for advice as early as possible regarding the best way to increase the fire protection of your project. Often times after the installation of fire protection systems, everything has to be replaced because a part is used which is not up to the right fire safety standards. You certainly want to avoid these kind of costs.

The Best Solution: BIS Pacifyre MK II Fire Sleeves2151015017_cmyk_shadow_4web

Do you want to make sure you optimally meet the fire safety requirements set by the government? Then we have the right fire protection systems for you. Our BIS Pacifyre MK II Fire Sleeves
can be used to make the feed-through of plastic and metal insulated pipes fire resistant.

If you have to run a pipe through a fire protected floor or wall, then it is your duty to complete the floor or wall with fire protection. You can
do this with the fi2151015017_in-use_blocking-smoke_4webre sleeves from Walraven.

Our BIS Pacifyre MK II Fire Sleeves close off the feed-through in the case of fire, depending on the type, for a minimum of 60, 90 or 120 minutes. We can advise you which type of fire sleeve is most appropriate for your project.

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