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Walraven USA brings the tradeshow to you…no fighting the crowds, travel expenses or continental breakfast that has sat in the hotel lobby for hours. The easiest way to view products and information without ever having to visit our booth in person is here! Click on the products below for more information, save a tree and download our latest Catalog or Brochure, request a sample and even reach out to us with any product, availability and pricing questions with the form at the bottom of the page.  This is the hassle-free tradeshow experience of the future, the value of smart!

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NEW: Walraven In-Wall and Overhead Products

  • Quick and easy to install. Our products are versatile and come with all of the hardware needed to install. No more missing parts or the inconvenience of dealing with limited hardware. You also save time and money by not having to solder every copper connection.
  • Complete systems. Walraven products have you covered from trapeze rail to pipe reinforcement, sliding pipe clamps to shower head mounts and adjustable wall brackets all the way down to PEX bend supports. Our products will be available with US codes and standards approval.
  • Less parts required. One Walraven product does the job of several of the competitor’s products, meaning less parts to stock and handle on the job site.
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Walraven Pipe Reinforcement

  • Continuous support for plastic pipes to prevent unsatisfactory deflections
  • Allows for longer distance between supports (ex for 1″ PEX: instead of support every 32″, with Walraven Pipe Reinforcement support is needed every 96″)
  • Self gripping
  • Controls direction of pipe expansion
  • Eases handling and speeds installation of plastic pipes
  • Use of Walraven Pipe Reinforcement can obtain Plenum rating for PEX and PP pipe installations
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Walraven Pipe Support - Plastic Pipe Reinforcement

Walraven Overhead Plumbing Support

Walraven Multi-Purpose Hanging Support (MPHS)

Looking for ways to hang plastic and PEX pipe? Walraven has options for you with our MPHS (Multi-Purpose Hanging Support) products available in three different adjustable sizes: 12″ to 20″, 22″ to 30″ and 32″ to 40″.

Our MPHS is a 2-piece adjustable trapeze for overhead pipe support that:

  • Pre-punched holes fit 3/8” rod without the need for specialty washers
  • A large variety of clamps can be easily attached with a single screw or accessory
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Rapid Sliding Wall Bracket (RSWB)

  • Bracket extends (16″- 24″, 12″ – 20″ and 16″ – 26″) for faster mounting of electrical boxes and conduit
  • Can be mounted to wood or metal studs
  • Suitable for use in stud walls and floor joists
  • Can be set at multiple depths
  • Quicker and easier to install than traditional methods
  • Mount starQuick® clamps or RapidRail® Hammerfix for even faster mounting
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Product Information

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