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Published on: 29 September 2017

Minimising risk with an easy to install fire stopping solution

Fire stopping solutions are a crucial part of a building’s safety, which is why it’s vital that the installation of them isn’t overly complicated. Here at Walraven, we aim to design all of our products with a simple installation process. This minimises the risk of the products being installed incorrectly, and any issues arising during and after installation.

When designing the features of our Pacifyre® fire sleeve, we made sure it was designed to facilitate easy installation, without the need for special tools. A fire stopping solution that is easy to install can save contractors time and money. It also ensures that the product will remain effective once it’s in place, as there’s little risk of it being installed in the wrong way.

We provide onsite training to contractors and installers, to ensure they are fully briefed on proper installation of the products they are using. Once the training has been completed, all attendees are provided with a certificate to say they have received the training for any future installations.  

Making remediating easy

easy to install fire stopping solutionWhen fire stopping solutions require updating on existing buildings, there can be difficulties finding a suitable solution. The pipes are already in situ so require something that wraps around. Once the building’s structure is already in place, pipes can be close together and difficult to access meaning some bulky fire stops are difficult to fit.

Our fire sleeve has been optimised for use within remediation situations. We have made this possible by ensuring its features allow it to be installed in small spaces or on multiple pipes close together.

Providing fire stopping advice and project support

square-project-support-on-site-IMGWe are happy to help our clients by offering consultation and problem-solving prior to specification of fire stopping solutions. With over 25 years developing and testing our fire stops in countless situations above and beyond the standards, we are confident in our product’s suitability for most situations. Also, being a member of IFSA allows us to draw on independent professional opinions for difficult scenarios.

Being a product manufacturer we like to offer project support. We know problem-solving in an area as potentially complex as fire stopping can be difficult for contractors, so we are here to make it as easy as possible. With our years of product development experience, we can offer advice with a solid foundation of research and testing.

Want to learn more about fire stopping?

To learn more about fire stopping, view our complete guide on the subject by clicking on the button below.

Our complete online fire stopping guide includes everything you need to know about passive fire protection:

  • An overview of fire stopping
  • Fire stopping products from Walraven
  • Brief, case studies that have used Walraven firestops
  • Resources to help you when fire stopping

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Are you looking for a fire stopping solution?

We have made choosing a fire stopping solution easy with our 15 step, fire stopping checklist. The handy PDF includes 15 considerations you should make before choosing a firestop. Get a copy by clicking on the button below.

Or, if you want to learn more about Walraven’s fire stopping solutions then you can, by downloading our fire stopping brochure. It includes:

  • Details of the firestops included in the Walraven fire protection system.
  • Benefits of installing Walraven firestops
  • Installation instructions for the products
  • Application possibilities of the firestops

Do you have a question about passive fire protection or fire stopping?

The Walraven team have over 30 years’ experience in fire stopping. They have worked on huge fire stopping projects such as The Shard and are experts in both new build projects and remediation. They are willing to discuss your fire stopping projects and assist you with problem-solving, technical design and more.

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