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Published on: 4 June 2021

Volkswagen factory 
Poland I Września


Operational since 2016, the Volkswagen factory in Września, near the city of Poznań in Poland is specialized in producing automobiles and components. With an area of over 2 million m2, the plant has a production capacity of 100,000 units annually.


Not only in terms of innovation and capacity but with regard to environmental awareness, the plant is an excellent example of a typical Volkswagen facility. As proof of that, Września plant received a gold certificate from the German Association of Sustainable Building. To further support the efficient operations of the building, Walraven was requested to assist with the preparation of pipe fixing for cold water installation.


The initial scope of the project was the preparation and installation of cold water pipe fixing. Due to the lack of a secondary steel structure, we also implemented a supporting Walraven Rail system to enable the safe mounting of plastic pipes. Concrete beams were applied for fixation.

Project highlights

  • Cooling pipes
  • Ventilation pipes and air ducts
  • Rainwater discharge pipes

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