How to best avoid roof penetrations during rooftop installations

Published on: 4 June 2021

Military barracks

Varces I France


The town of Varces, at the crossroads of the Chartreuse, Vercors and Belledonne mountain ranges, offers excellent military training and a touristic location. Besides being known for its ski resorts, this is also where the well-known Kaserne military facility is located.



Recently, the facility was extended with three new buildings and Kaserne needed support with preparing the ventilation systems on the roof. The main challenge was to provide a solution that did not damage the waterproof coating of the construction and the roof itself.


Walraven was the selected partner to assist with the project. Taking all the requirements into account, the Walraven Yeti feets, including the insulation mat, were selected. Next to the rooftop infrastructure, Walraven prepared complete sets for supporting the ventilation pipes. Due to the high-security measures, entrance and attendance at the job site were limited, and the installation had to be completed within a short period.

Project highlights

  • Ventilation pipes and air ducts
  • Rooftop supports for appliances, ducts, pipes and cable gutter.

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