Revamping the façade of an Olympic stadium

Published on: 4 June 2021

Olympic Stadium
Ukraine I Kiev


Built in 1923, the Olympic National Sports Complex is a multi-use sport and recreational facility in Kiev, Ukraine. Due to its economic and social importance, keeping it fresh, modern-looking and applying the latest and most efficient technology are crucial for the city.


The latest renovation work on the sports complex began in August 2008 as part of the preparation for hosting the EURO 2012 final. Walraven supported the renovation of both the interior and exterior areas. The main challenge in terms of the exterior space was that there were precise requirements from UEFA for fixing banners on the façade. There had to be a 20 to 30-meter distance between each.


For the exterior, Walraven supported with a solid frame construction. In terms of the interior, Walraven assisted with the upgrade of the HVAC system of the stadium. Walraven RapidStrut rails were used as suspension support for new water and gas pipes at the facility.


Project highlights

  • Frame constructions

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