Take a look at our NEW, innovative, 2-part fire collar

Published on: 7 July 2023

If you need a certified solution to firestop U/U pipe configurations that’s easy to install and includes a noise reducing foam layer, take a look at our new 2-part Pacifyre® FPC Fire Collar.

This is a high-quality fire protection collar that will secure a fire resistance up to EI 120 U/U for a range of combustible pipe penetrations in walls and floors up to a diameter of Ø 315 mm.

Each collar consists of a green coated, circular steel shell that completely splits into two halves to fit around the pipe and connect together with a simple locking mechanism. Inside the steel shell is a fast-acting intumescent which effectively seals the plastic pipe penetration in the event of a fire.

Features and benefits

  • ETAETA certified and CE marked
  • Suitable for U/U pipe configurations
  • Includes a noise reducing foam layer
  • Each half of the collar can be mounted separately to enable easy installation
  • Foam layer also stops collar slipping during vertical installation

The product together with its features, installation guide and its performance can all be found in the technical data sheet and the ETA documentation.

Retrofitting or limited space around the installation?

2-part fire collarTypically fire collars are made in one piece and therefore a certain amount of space is required around the pipe to be able to bend the fire collar into place. With a 2-part fire collar design, the collar can be completely separated into two halves, allowing for easy placement around pipes that are already in position or where there is limited space. This can be particularly useful when retrofitting fire safety measures in older buildings and can reduce the need for complex modifications or disassembling of existing services, resulting in quicker and more efficient installation.

Installation examples

The collar can be used in rigid and flexible walls and floors and below you can find some typical applications. More applications and details can be found in the ETA.

2-part fire collar

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Get in touch with our technical team to find out more about the product and its technical approvals or to discuss purchasing this item.

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