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Fire safety has become a major industry focus since the tragic events at Grenfell Tower in 2017. M&E service penetrations though fire compartment walls and ceilings may seem like a minor part of the overall fire stopping requirements on a project, yet they are actually extremely important.

To maintain the integrity of the fire compartment and stop the spread of fire, all service penetrations must be adequately sealed. Even a small gap can compromise the performance of the fire compartment and put lives at risk.

How can Walraven help with fire stopping?

We want to make it easy for M&E installers to be able to deliver compliant and effective fire stopping. We know this can seem like a daunting element of the installation, and sometimes this is passed on to a specialist contractor. But this does not have to be the case.

If you work with Walraven, our fire stopping specialist will be able to guide you through selection and installation of the products required for your project. You can take advantage of our knowledge about the regulations, our easy-to-install, quality products and our advice and support throughout your project. We can offer:

  • ETA certified & CE Marked products for fire sealing pipe penetrations
  • Sealants for cable penetrations
  • Detailed installation guidance
  • Technical advice and support throughout your project
  • Fire rated fixings for your wider installation

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Fire sealing pipe penetrations

Buildings are separated into a number of fire compartments to help restrict the spread of fire. Pipework that penetrates fire compartment walls or floors must be adequately sealed to prevent the spread of smoke and fire. Read more about how to fire seal pipe penetrations and Walraven’s fire stopping solutions.

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Fire sealing cable penetrations

Cables that pass through fire compartment walls will melt in the event of fire, leaving dangerous openings through which fire and smoke can pass causing fire to spread more quickly. Find out how Walraven can help with fire stopping cable penetrations.

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Fire Stopping Articles

Our fire stopping expert is writing regular articles on the topic of fire stopping M&E services. View all fire stopping articles here or view a small selection of them below.

What is fire stopping and why is it important for M&E installations?

In this article we explain about the importance of compartmentation and why M&E services penetrating fire compartment walls must be adequately sealed.

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How to firestop single, multiple and mixed-service penetrations

Here we define single, multiple and mixed-service penetrations and explain the different requirements when fire stopping these different types of openings.

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Why is it important to consider the reaction of fixings in a fire?

When installing M&E services above an escape route, it is important to use fire rated fixings so that any fixing failure in a fire does not block the escape.

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