Fire sealing cable penetrations

Cable penetrations and fire safety

There are many different types of cables and cable penetrations that can pass through fire compartment walls. For example, electricity cables, optical cables, data cables, cable bundles, cable trays and ladders. Fire sealing of cable penetrations is required by building regulations.

In case of a fire, these cable services will melt and leave openings in the walls or floors, allowing the passage of smoke and fire. Cables are made of copper which will also accelerate the heat transfer through the construction which can be extremely dangerous. Therefore, all cable penetrations must be adequately fire stopped in order to comply with building regulations.

fire sealing of cable penetrations

Walraven solutions

Currently we have both Acrylic and Graphite sealants in our range which are approved for fire stopping single cables up to Ø21mm and small cable bundles up to Ø50mm. Our sealants are ETA approved which means they are extensively tested to EN standards and proven to deliver fire ratings as shown in the ETA documentation which you can find on the product page.

  fire sealing of cable penetrations

New products coming soon!

We also have in development some new products to add to our range in 2023. These include our own fire batt for sealing large openings quickly and a firestop foam for sealing bulkheads. These will allow us to offer more flexible cable sealing solutions in future.  Sign up to our emails to hear about new product launches and new fire stopping articles we publish.

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Fire stopping product selection

  • 2180100010

    Pacifyre® A Acrylic Fire Sealant

    • up to EI 240 for linear gap seals
    • up to EI 120 for pipe penetration
    • up to EI 90 for cable penetration

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  • 2180100040

    Pacifyre® G Graphite Sealant

    • fire sealant for combustible pipes, insulated and non-insulated multi-layer pipes, insulated metal pipes and cables
    • for application in flexible walls, rigid walls and rigid floors
    • suitable for combustible pipes with intended use as rainwater, sewage, gas, drinking water and heating or cooling

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  • 2132100600_BIS_Pacifyre_EFC

    Pacifyre® EFC Fire Collar

    • suitable for areas which are difficult to access, like corners
    • a small number of intumescent layers required, so a smaller drill hole is possible
    • suitable for damp conditions

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  • 2180015300_BIS_Pacifyre_FPM

    Pacifyre® FPM

    • for sealing around:
    • recommended for sealing ventilation flaps, ventilation ducts and fire protection doors (leading firestop element should refer to a class A1 fire rated mortar sealant)
    • can be used by hand or with a mortar gun

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