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For those who are planning and installing building services installations, we know how important it is for you to work with partners who are knowledgeable, reliable, add value and offer quality products.

We believe that even the smallest parts, like the fixings you use, can make a big difference to your project delivery. If you work with us we can help you to save time on site, reduce overall costs and reduce risk with your M&E installations.

Thanks to our philosophy for developing innovative products and providing technical support at all stages of the project, we can help you deliver effective installations on time.

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Products and Fixing Systems

Our product range is diverse which enables us to provide complete fixing and support solutions for your project. With a focus on quality, our products are designed and tested to work together effectively as complete systems. From anchors to channel systems, to clamps, expansion devices, fixpoints, fire stopping and more. View all Walraven products here. Some product highlights are shown below.

Heavy Duty Anchors


We have a complete range of mechanical and chemical anchors. ETA approved for quality and reliability.

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Maxx Modular Channel

Our modular heavy frame system is strong, efficient, versatile. It is quick and easy to install and safer than traditional welded systems.

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Phenolic Insulation

To maximise thermal efficiency of pipe systems, and comply with BS5970, you should be using phenolic insulated pipe supports.

Find out more about phenolic insulation

Pipe Clamps

We have been making pipe clamps for over 75yrs. From traditional pipe hangers to new innovative alternatives for all pipe types, sizes and loads.

Take a look at our range of pipe clamps

Rooftop Fixing Systems


Rooftop installations can be complex. Our range of products and technical support can deliver the solutions you need.

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Anti-Vibration Products

Vibrations from mechanical equipment have the potential to cause damage to equipment and buildings as well as noise disturbances.

Explore Walraven VibraTek® products

Services for M&E Contractors

We offer a range of services with the aim of making your job easier.  Our comprehensive technical support package includes a full project support offering, problem-solving & consultation, BIM objects, design tools, prefabrication services, pull tests and more.

Free Project Support

Our project support service is available to anyone who wants help designing optimal fixing solutions.

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Download Technical Documents

Download all our technical data here including BIM Objects, ETAs, techncial data sheets and more.

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Anchor Design Software

anchor design software

For help selecting the right anchor for your project, download our free software tool.

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Save time on site with prefabricated fixing frames. Find out more about the benefits of prefab.

More about prefabrication

Solution finders

Need help designing a fixing solution? Fill in our form and leave the rest to us!

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Free anchor pull tests

If you are installing Walraven ETA approved anchors we can provide free site pull tests.

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Speak to one of our advisers

If you would like to find out more about Walraven, our products and services, or request advice about a specific installation problem, simply complete the form and we will contact you.


Across our site you will find various technical articles, ‘how-to’ guides, case studies and other useful information. We can provide advice and expertise in areas such as thermal expansion, anti-vibration, fire stopping, innovative fixing solutions and much more. Below is a selection of articles we have highlighted for you.

How to deal with thermal expansion of pipes

Find out how to deal with pipe expansion and contraction, and download our thermal expansion calculation tool.

Read the full article

Why should you consider using a modern alternative to split bands?

Split bands have been used as heavy pipe supports for years. But modern heavy duty pipe clamps can offer some important advantages.

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Reduce the risk of anchor failures on M&E installations

Anchor failure is a real risk to your entire installation, and the results can be catastrophic. Find out why ETAs are important and how you can ensure your teams install anchors correctly on site.

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fire-seal pipes

How to fire seal pipe penetrations

Fire stopping of any openings created through fire walls, such as pipe penetrations, is extremely important and can be a complex issue. There can be multiple factors to consider when choosing the best fire stop product.

Read our fire stopping guide

4 common installation problems we see on site

During site visits, our Technical Team often encounter similar problems with mechanical installations over and over again. Here are the top 4 installation issues we see on site. 1) Expanding pipework incorrectly anchored, 2) Incorrect anchor selection, 3) Use of wood blocks as insulated pipe supports and 4) Incorrect product installation.

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How we make your job easier!

Reliable products with European quality

As a family-owned and ISO 9001 certified company, ensures European quality standards by controlling the whole value chain. From product development to production, logistics to customer service we deliver high quality, reliable products and services with the installer in mind.

Dependable logistics and distribution network

We understand how important it is for you to have all the right products in the right place at the right time for your project. That’s why we work with you to ensure you have everything you need, on time, regardless of your site location.

Project support and knowledge sharing

Since 1942 we have been developing our own product systems and know-how within the business so that we can help you deliver the best fixing solutions for your projects. We are the experts in our field so that you don’t have to be!

Technical support available for you

We understand that even the smaller parts that go into large construction projects, like fixing products, can play a huge role in delivering an effective end result. Our technical support advisers can offer problem-solving advice and tailored design solutions for any fixing challenge!

Simple yet smart products to make your job easier

Since the beginning, Walraven’s philosophy has been to create simple, user-friendly products. So we develop our products to reduce complexity in applications and make installation easier and quicker. All to help you deliver your projects faster and more efficiently saving time and money!

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