Onsite anchor pull tests

What are pull tests?

A pull test calculates the design resistance of a base material and can determine which anchor system is right for your project. An anchor can either be tested to its failure point with a destructive pull out test, or tested to a proof load which is a non-destructive test.

Pull tests are usually carried out for one of the following reasons:

  • To be sure that the load resistance, quality and safety of a design is as expected.
  • Determine the resistance values of an unknown base material or of base materials which are different from the original approval document.
  • If the base material isn’t covered by ETA guidelines

When to carry out onsite testing

You can use onsite pull tests in the design phase of a project or post-installation.

During the design phase test are used to determine the resistance of a base material and which anchor system to use. After installing anchor systems you may need to determine quality and safety. This can be required by building owners or to ensure compliance to local guidelines.

What documentation do I receive after the test?

After the test we will give you a written test report with technical data from the test. We can also supply product data sheets for individual anchors if required.

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