Proving anchor safe loads in refurbishment projects

Published on: 13 April 2022

anchor safe loadsWe recently visited a jobsite where the contractor was carrying out electrical first fix as part of a refurbishment of MRI scanner rooms and offices in a London hospital. The contractor had chosen to use Walraven RSWBs for first fixing all of the electrical sockets and Walraven concrete screws for supporting the electrical containment throughout the installation.

The problem

The Hospital Trust requested anchor pull tests to be carried out due to the installation being a refurbishment, and the anchors being set into old concrete. This would provide reassurance that the certified anchor safe loads are still valid into the old concrete. So the contractor contacted Walraven Technical Support to request an on site pull test.

The solution

anchor safe loadsOur Regional Representative attended the site to discuss the requirements with the contractor and carried out the requested tests to prove the anchor safe loads in the old concrete.

Through the discussions we also recommended the use of hex head or pan head concrete screws to fix strut direct to the concrete, and therefore also carried out tests for those products, giving the contractor some flexibility in the choice of anchors.

Walraven provided the contractor with a written test report with technical data from the tests the following day.

Whilst on site the contractor also discussed the RSWBs with our representative and commented “We always use the RSWB for first fixing now as it saves us a lot of time”.

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