Pitched roof? No problem for the Walraven Yeti 480!

The all-in-one solution for sloping roofs

The key difference between Walraven Yeti feet and other rubber support feet solutions for pitched roofs is that the Walraven Yeti®  is an all-in-one solution for any pitch up to 7°.

Typically, other solutions on the market require extra parts like angled wedge mats or tricky 4-way adjustments to cater for the sloping surface. Angled wedge mats only allow for specific pitches as dictated by the angle of the mat, whereas the Walraven Yeti feet offer full adjustment between 0° and 7°.

Simply tilt the adjustable mid-section to the required pitch and tighten with the allen key provided. This makes it fast, accurate and incredibly easy to install.

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walraven yeti feet

Key features of Walraven Yeti 480 feet

As well as being fully adjustable for pitched roofs, Walraven Yeti feet have many additional benefits making them a great solution for modern-day rooftop installations including:

  • Non-penetrative fixing solution with high load capacity
  • Provides optimal weight distribution
  • Fast installation – the pitch adjustment can be made in seconds!
  • Made of WPC (recycled plastic and wood fibre composite)
  • Tested and certified levels of noise reduction and UV resistance
  • Includes non-slip, integrated anti-vibration mat
  • 360° rotatable strut insert
  • Optional ballast blocks for increased weight/stability

Read our blog to find out about these features in more detail.

If you’re looking for high-spec HVAC roof supports that offer all of the above benefits then get in touch to find out more!

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walraven yeti feet

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walraven yeti feet

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