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Our range of certified CPDs

Our Technical Team have put together some CPD courses, to help you keep your knowledge up-to-date on topics related to M&E fixings and fire protection. All our CPDs are certified by the CPD Certification Service.

Our CPDs are a maximum of 1hr in duration, including time for questions. We are happy to be flexible in scheduling and delivering these, whether you prefer something face-to-face with your colleagues or a presentation over Teams or Zoom.

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Passive Firestopping

This CPD will cover various aspects of passive firestopping including:

  • Fire Safety and Compartmentation
  • Building Regulations
  • BS & EN Standards
  • CPR & CE Marking
  • Installation Guidance and Examples
  • Fire Rated Supports

Mechanical and Bonded Anchors

This presentation provides the necessary information for the correct specification and selection of anchors compliant to BS 8539:2012.

Furthermore; the fundamental differences are explained between mechanical and bonded fixings along with their intended use and proper installation steps.


A Technical Introduction to Vibration Isolation

This presentation provides a technical introduction to dealing with vibration isolation in mechanical installations.

It covers how vibrations develop and their consequences, along with the information and calculations necessary to implement effective solutions.


Who is Walraven?

Walraven Ltd is part of Walraven Group with operations worldwide. We manufacture fixing solutions for the mechanical and electrical industry, as well as passive fire protection products. We are proud to develop and manufacture high quality, innovative, time-saving solutions, to help contractors deliver effective and efficient installations. Alongside the product portfolio Walraven offers technical support including advice, consultation and design of M&E fixing solutions.

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