Save up to 40% fixing time with our Walraven RapidRail® alternative to strut

Walraven RapidRail® – the lighter, faster version of strut

Walraven RapidRail® is our unique light rail fixing system that we developed as a lightweight, easy to install alternative to traditional strut channel. For many installations like standard plumbing and heating pipework, heat pump plant rooms, ventilation pipes and cable trays, heavy and bulky 41×41 channel is not required. With the current high steel prices, 41×41 channel is also becoming an expensive option.

Benefits of using a lighter slotted channel

Using a lightweight alternative can provide many benefits including:

  • Cheaper to purchase – with steel prices fluctuating and still quite high, using a smaller channel can save you money. Read our article to see how RapidRail can save you money.
  • Easier to install – especially when used in overhead applications, a lighter channel is easier to handle, and is less likely to result in accident or injury
  • Easier to store and transport – as well as being lighter, our Walraven RapidRail® is available in 2m lengths which makes it easier to store, carry and transport.
  • Environmental benefits – Walraven RapidRail® uses 1.7kg less steel per metre so is more environmentally friendly
  • Fast-fit accessories for faster installation – with a full range of fast-fit accessories, installations can be made a lot quicker than with traditional strut systems, saving hours or even days on the jobsite.

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Save hours on your installations

The unique benefit of the Walraven RapidRail® system is the time-saving gained from the pre-assembled slide nuts. Instead of using loose nuts, bolts and washers, our pre-assembled slide nuts and hammerfix are 3in1 (or 4in1) parts that simply push and twist into the rail. No messing around with loose parts!

Watch this video clip to see how the slide nut works…

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3 reasons to switch from traditional to light strut


Traditional 41 x 41 strut is a common choice for all kinds of installations. Whilst there is no doubt it will do the job, there are some great benefits of switching to a modern, light gauge channel.

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Benefits of using channel to fix wall-mounted pipes

Find out how using small profile channel like Walraven RapidRail® 30×20 can make your heating system installs easier than using individual backplates for pipe clips.

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Walraven RapidRail® install gallery & testimonials

We’ve had some great feedback so far from installers who have used the Walraven RapidRail® strut system. Here are a few of their comments and installation images that we have received.

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Walraven RapidRail® for trapeze hangers

The trapeze hanger is a classic example of a strut-based pipe hanging solution. Typically constructed using 41×41 channel and lengths of threaded rod, these supports can be suspended from ceilings or steel beams to provide support for pipes and cable trays.

Nowadays, there are alternatives to using traditional 41×41 strut channel for hanging pipes and cable trays. Trapeze hangers can be constructed from lighter channel like Walraven RapidRail®, which will still support the required load in most cases.

Find out how Walraven RapidRail® can help you make faster, more cost-effective trapeze hangers and how our technical team can provide all the load data you need.

Using Walraven RapidRail® for trapeze hangers

RapidRail trapeze

Case study installation

Craig at CR Plumbing and Heating is a self-employed plumbing and heating engineer who has been using RapidRail® to install heating and hot water system conversions like the one here. He told us he saved hours on this installation due to the time-saving slide nuts.

“This system has been a great discovery for me! The benefit of not having to use loose nuts, bolts and washers is a huge time-saver on larger installations. The other accessories that come with this rail are also great, making it really versatile. The cantilever arms allow pipes to be run at multiple depths against the wall with ease.”

More case studies available at the bottom of this page.

Sustainability important to you?

The Walraven RapidRail® channel system uses less steel than traditional strut which already means it is better for the environment. In addition, we have recently been able to publish an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) for RapidRail to provide clear and transparent information about the system’s environmental impact. Find it here!

channel strut light rail channel

Where to buy Walraven’s Walraven RapidRail® products

Walraven RapidRail® slotted channel and accessories are available to purchase through some of our larger fixing merchants and some plumbing merchants. Most of the fixing merchants deliver nationwide. Fixing merchants stocking Walraven RapidRail® include:

Trentside Fixings

JPL (Jack Pennington Ltd)


ICS Supplies

MEF (Scotland & Ireland)

Kernow Fixings

Bison Fixings

Plumbing merchants

Williams Plumbing Supplies stock Walraven RapidRail® and you can purchase it online through their website or through their branches. We are an approved supplier for all merchants who are part of the UK Plumbing Supplies Group. These include, Willbond, Plumbase, UKPS, Plumbcity, HPS, Plumbstore, Plumbstop, Gas Centre, Grahams. These merchants can simply contact us to place an order. We also have some City Plumbing branches buying from us and some independents. Click here to see which plumbing merchants are already purchasing from us.


rapidrail accessories


Insert, lock. done

Features and benefits of the Walraven RapidRail® system

Complete range of channel and accessories

Our Walraven RapidRail® system includes a range of lightweight strut channel profiles plus accessories such as cantilever arms, rail connectors, slide nuts, ball swivels and more. All to help you make faster installations. Read our article ‘More than just channel – RapidRail® explained’ to discover more about the range of accessories available in our channel system.

Proven to save up to 40% installation time

The beauty of this system is the fast-fit accessories. You do not need to use any loose nuts, bolts and washers to assemble this channel system as the pre-assembled slide nuts replace these individual pieces saving you valuable installation time.

Suitable for a range of installations

Are you still using 41×41 slotted channel for standard plumbing, heating and ventilation installs? With steel prices on the increase there has never been a better time to consider using lightweight alternatives to traditional channel. Walraven RapidRail® has many advantages over traditional strut for these kinds of installations.

RAL approved quality

The system has a RAL quality mark which means it has been independently tested and certified as a system to guarantee quality, reliability and safety in construction.

Prefabrication service

To save you even more time on site for larger installations, we offer a prefabrication service through a number of our larger fixing merchants.

Technical design support

Our Technical Support Team can provide detailed designs for trapeze hanger installations to demonstrate the installation can take the service load applied to it and that the supports and fixings are fit for purpose if required.

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