More than just channel – RapidRail® explained!

Published on: 25 March 2021

If you are still using standard strut channel for your installations, now could be the time to think about alternatives that are available to make your installs easier and quicker. As the name suggests, Walraven’s RapidRail® is a fast-fit system which includes not only lengths of channel, but a whole range of pre-assembled fixings and channel nuts to make the entire installation quicker and easier.

Here is an overview of the parts that make up the RapidRail® system and how it can benefit you:

RapidRail® channel channel

The strut channel in our RapidRail® range consists of a number of lighter weight strut profiles. The most popular and versatile rail profile we sell is 30 x 20mm. There are many benefits to using a lighter channel profile including:

  • Suitable for a whole range of standard plumbing, electrical and ventilation/ductwork installations. (Load tables available here.)
  • Available in 2m lengths as standard – easier to store, carry, transport, less wastage
  • Lighter channel is more environmentally friendly as it uses less steel
  • Easier to handle and install, particularly overhead
  • You can fix to both sides of the rail for increased versatility
  • End caps available for a neat and tidy finish

RapidRail® channel nuts channel nuts

The system includes a number of pre-assembled channel nuts designed for use in RapidRail® channel. These include a slide nut, a slide nut with pre-cut stud (Hammerfix), and ball swivel hanger. These pre-assembled fixings simply push and twist into the channel for quick and easy assembly.


RapidRail® cantilever arms and wall plates

For convenient fixing to walls and ceilings there are cantilever arms and wall plates available. The wall plates come with slide nuts already partially installed to help make assembly even quicker.


RapidRail® channel connectors

If you need to fix lengths of channel together to construct a support frame then we have a full range of rail connectors including 90° and 135° connectors, linear connectors, cross connectors and more. Again the added benefit with this system is that the connectors come with slide nuts already inserted ready to go.

cross-connector     channel connector

RapidRail® Beam Clamps

For fixing channel to beams there are a number of RapidRail® Beam Clamps available for vertical and horizontal fixing.


What else do I need to know about RapidRail®?

As well as the full range of parts, the environmental benefits, and the speed and efficiency over traditional strut rail, RapidRail® has a few other features and benefits to highlight.

Find out more!

If you would like to request an information pack which includes a free demonstration sample of RapidRail®, click the link below. You will also find information about RapidRail® stockists on this page. Alternatively you can call one of our sales representatives to discuss the product further.

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