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If you’re looking for quality fixings, look no further! We believe that even the smallest parts, like the fixings you use, can make a big difference to your installation.

From saving you valuable time to simply making your job a whole lot easier, we have some innovative fixings to help you get the job done so you can move onto the next one! Knowing you can rely on quality fixings can give you great peace of mind.

Alongside our products we have technical advisers on hand 5 days a week. So if you have questions about how our products work, their approvals or load bearing capabilities for example, just give us a call.

Here you will find links to products and information on our website that we think may be of interest to you.


Products and Fixing Systems

Our product range is diverse and includes a number of essential as well as innovative products for plumbing and electrical engineers. Many of our products are made in the UK, and the rest are made in Europe. With a focus on quality, our products are designed and tested to work together effectively as complete systems.

Walraven RSWB


One of our top sellers for both plumbers & electricians, the Walraven RSWB is a fast and effective replacement for a wooden noggin.

Find out more about the Walraven RSWB

Walraven RapidRail®


A lightweight alternative to strut with pre-assembled slide nuts mean you can save up to 40% fixing time for pipe hanging and cable tray supports.

Find out more about Walraven RapidRail

Walraven Concrete Screws


Concrete screws can improve the speed and efficiency of M&E installations. Our ETA approved products offer reliable and safe fixing into concrete.

Find out more about concrete screws

Walraven Britclips®
Electrical Fixings


Britclips® offer over 140 cable fixings for electricians. Manufactured in the UK for over 30 years they are a well established and trusted brand.

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Walraven Britclips®

Walraven starQuick®
plastic clips


Fed up of cheap plastic clips breaking on you? Walraven starQuick® are strong and versatile clips with clever design features.

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Walraven starQuick®

Walraven 2S
Metal Pipe Clamps

Our 2S (2 screw) metal pipe clamps offer reliable, quality pipe fixing for standard installations. A full range from 10mm – 225mm we’ve got you covered.

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Walraven 2Spipe clamps

concrete screw


Across our site you will find various technical articles, ‘how-to’ guides, case studies and other useful information. Below we have highlighted a few articles that may be of interest to you. We can also provide advice and expertise in areas such as thermal expansion, anti-vibration, fire stopping, innovative fixing solutions and much more.

Top 7 uses for the Walraven RSWB

The Walraven RSWB has been taking the plumbing and electrical industry by storm. The metal noggin fixing bracket is proving immensely popular as a more convenient replacement for a wooden noggin for a whole range of first fixing tasks. We have summarised the most popular uses for the bracket.

Read the full article



6 reasons you should be using Walraven concrete screws

Concrete screw anchors are becoming a popular choice for installers in a bid to improve both speed and efficiency of M&E installations. They are one of the simplest anchors to install and offer versatility with a range of different head types.

Read the full article

Walraven starQuick® clips installer gallery & testimonials

Our Walraven starQuick® clips have been recognised by a number of installers for having some great installation features. As a result, there are some installers who choose to use the clip on a daily basis over and above the market leading clip. Here is what they say about it alongside some installation images they have provided.

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rapidrail slide nut

Why consider a lightweight alternative to strut?

Traditional 41 x 41 strut is often used as a default rail system for all kinds of plumbing and electrical installations. However, with developments in product innovation, there are now more options available that can offer some great advantages over traditional strut systems.

Find out more

Complete guide to pipe clamps

Pipe clamps are where we started as a company over 75yrs ago. We make a huge range of clamps from traditional to modern alternatives. Our pipe clamps guide looks at the different options and how to select the right clamp for your project.

Read our guide to pipe clamps


Speak to one of our advisers

If you would like to find out more about Walraven, our products and services, or request advice about a specific installation problem, simply complete the form and we will contact you.

rswb install

Services for installers

We offer a range of services with the aim of making your job easier. We can provide various levels of technical advice and support depending on your needs. As well as the services highlighted below, we can provide problem-solving & consultation, BIM objects, design tools, prefabrication services and more.

Request a catalogue or sample


We have a number of catalogues and free product samples available to you. Why not see what we have available and try before you buy!

Request a catalogue or product sample

Ask a technical question


Our technical support team are available 5 days a week to answer your questions. If you need advice just give them a call or fill in the form.

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Solution finders

Need help designing pipe supports, rooftop installations or fire stopping pipe penetrations? Fill in our form and leave the rest to us!

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Project Support Service

project support

Our project support service is available if you need assistance with solutions for commercial projects.

Find out more about Project Support

Free anchor pull tests

If you are installing Walraven ETA approved anchors we can provide free site pull tests.

Find out more about pull tests

Create a product wish list


You can add products from the online catalogue to the wish list to discuss with your merchant.

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How we make your job easier!

Reliable products with European quality

As a family-owned and ISO 9001 certified company, ensures European quality standards by controlling the whole value chain. From product development to production, logistics to customer service we deliver high quality, reliable products and services with the installer in mind.

Dependable logistics and distribution network

We understand how important it is for you to have all the right products in the right place at the right time for your project. That’s why we work with you to ensure you have everything you need, on time, regardless of your site location.

Project support and knowledge sharing

Since 1942 we have been developing our own product systems and know-how within the business so that we can help you deliver the best fixing solutions for your projects. We are the experts in our field so that you don’t have to be!

Technical support available for you

We understand that even the smaller parts that go into large construction projects, like fixing products, can play a huge role in delivering an effective end result. Our technical support advisers can offer problem-solving advice and tailored design solutions for any fixing challenge!

Simple yet smart products to make your job easier

Since the beginning, Walraven’s philosophy has been to create simple, user-friendly products. So we develop our products to reduce complexity in applications and make installation easier and quicker. All to help you deliver your projects faster and more efficiently saving time and money!

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