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Published on: 7 July 2020

Walraven’s plastic pipe clip – starQuick – has been recognised by a number of installers for having some great installation features. As a result, there are some installers who choose to use the clip on a daily basis over and above the market leading clip. Here is what they say about it alongside some installation images they have provided.

Who is using Walraven starQuick clips and why?

Peter Booth @pbplumber was the first to promote starQuick clips on his Instagram channel over a year ago. Peter told us: “I couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen these clips before, and that one clip had so many features. I really like the two-step closing, so you can still move the pipe before the second click fixes it in place. And they unlock really easily too, without damaging them.”


Andy, who is better known as @GasManGod on Instagram and Twitter, told us: “I’ve been using the same clips for 30 years and I was amazed when I discovered the starQuicks. They are neater, more compact, more versatile, unbreakable and most importantly, easier to use. Definitely the only clip I will use now.”


Craig Reading from @crplumbingandheating has been a convert to starQuick clips for some time. He says “So much thought has gone into these little clips. Who’d have thought just a pipe clip can make your day that little bit easier.” 


Versatile, innovative yet simple

This versatile clips has some great features that make the installers job that little bit easier.

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