Top 7 uses for the RSWB metal noggin

Published on: 26 May 2020

The RSWB (Rapid Sliding Wall Bracket) has been taking the plumbing and electrical industry by storm. The metal noggin fixing bracket is proving immensely popular as a more convenient replacement for a wooden noggin for a whole range of first fixing tasks.

Originally designed for fixing pipes and electrical boxes, Walraven have since received installation examples from plumbers and electricians who have used the RSWB for a whole range of other fixing needs.

Here are the top 7 ways you could be using the RSWB!

1) Pipe fixing between joists

The RSWB is the modern equivalent of a wooden noggin, just without all the hassle! Save the time and hassle of cutting pieces of wood and use the adjustable bracket instead. It simply slides to the width you require and screws in place. Here’s a great example from Integral Plumbing & Gas who uses the RSWB regularly now. They told us:  “This is a great time-saver, no more going back and forth cutting 1mm off lengths of timber!”



2) Fixing of electrcial boxes

One of the original reasons the bracket was designed, was to make the fixing of electrical boxes quicker and easier. When you think about how many electrical boxes are fitted in just one house alone, that’s a lot of work and a lot of noggins! With an adjustable metal noggin the job becomes much easier. Here’s just one example from Amigo Electrical.


3) Shower valve support

This is a great example of the true versatility of the brackets. Essentially the brackets can be used as supports for anything that you can screw into them – although they are not designed as load-bearing brackets. They can be positioned easily in any direction and even overlap each other as can be seen here. In this installation example Craig Reading Plumbing & Heating has used the brackets for fixing a shower valve.


4) Securing bathroom waste pipes

With pre-drilled holes along the full length of the RSWB metal noggin, it’s quick and easy to position and screw any kind of clip into it. Here’s an example from Glister Services where it has been used under a shower tray to support the waste pipe.


5) Flue fixing

This photo from Dulwich Plumbing & Heating shows the RSWB being used as a flue fixing. Flues can be a particularly awkward thing to secure. If there are joists or a surface to fix the RSWB to, then it could be a useful option!


6) Fixing of consumer units

Consumer units can be bulky. You can use multiple RSWB fixing brackets to support the one unit if required, as shown in this great example from SparkyLadUK.


7) Lightweight ducting support

Our final example of first fixing with the RSWB is this one, also from SparkyLadUK. Here it is being used to support ducting for an extractor fan.



Versatile metal noggin – request a sample to try it for yourself

The RSWB really is a versatile fixing solution. With two sizes available, you can have faster and easier fixing between joists as small as 25cm wide up to 40cm wide. This great product is also made in the UK. Find out more and request a sample to try for yourself here.

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