Where to buy Britclips® RSWB

Our products are sold mainly through fixings companies, electrical wholesalers and a few plumbing merchants. Here are a few options for where to buy the RSWB.rswb

Please note this is not a complete list of all our distributors, and simply represents a selection of merchants to give some options for installers. Please check with your local merchant if they have an account with us and which products they have available. Also, please be aware that prices will vary from merchant to merchant so sometimes it is good to shop around.

Buy Quickly and Easily Online

If you’re looking for a convenient online store with fast delivery, the following merchants offer this service:

Direct Channel

Trentside Fixings

JPL Direct


Electrical Wholesalers

RSWBs are widely available through electrical wholesalers nationwide including:

Fixing Companies

Many of these fixing companies stock a wide range of our products and most will ship nationwide regardless of their location. Please call us for more options.

Based in Scotland and Ireland

Based in North Englandstarquick rswb

Based in Midlands

Based in London and the South


Plumbing Merchants

rswb install

Walraven products are not widely available through plumbing merchants yet. Please ask in your local merchant. They can contact us to open an account. Some plumbing merchants who already have accounts with Walraven, but may not curently hold stock include:

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