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Need help with a design solution for your project? Our design checklists are a quick and easy way for you to request the design of bespoke engineered solutions. They ask the important questions that our Project Engineers need to know in order to design the most robust solution for you, saving you time in the process.

We currently have three checklists available. One to assist you in the design of rooftop services installations, one to design ceiling hanging pipe support brackets and one for fire sealing pipe penetrations.

Rooftop_PP_High_Load_6    rapidrail installation    How to select the right fire stop

How to use the design checklists

To get your project started as quickly as possible, click on the links below to download the checklist you need. The link will open a protected Word Document with fillable fields shown in grey. Be sure to click on ‘enable editing’ at the top of your window to allow you to fill in the fields.

Simply fill out as much information as you can on the checklist then send it to us using the form at the bottom of this page. Someone will review your submission and will be in touch about performing all the necessary calculations and design work before point of quotation.

For more information on how these can be utilised to save time on your project, please contact our Project Support team at [email protected]


Download Pipe Support Design Checklist  Download Rooftop Solution Checklist  Download Fire Sealing Solution Finder

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