Concrete screws for reliable and versatile fixing

Published on: 2 October 2020

Craig Weaver from TDR Mechanical Services chose to use Walraven concrete screws on a school science block refurbishment in Walsall. The job required overhead installation of channel through insulation board, ready for pipe fixings. He used concrete screws because of their suitability for overhead installation. “I chose Walraven’s concrete screws because they are ETA approved, so I knew I could rely on them and they would be up to the job.”

The problem

The job required quite an awkward installation process which involved first cutting through insulation board to access the concrete substrate through a 10 inch void. A hole was then drilled to insert the internally threaded concrete screw from which threaded rod was dropped in order to secure the channel to the insulation board.

concrete screws for reliable and versatile fixing concrete screw concrete screws for reliable and versatile fixing concrete screw

The solution – Walraven concrete screws for reliable and versatile fixing

Craig said “There was a lot of effort required for each individual fixing on this job so I needed a concrete screw I could rely on. The Walraven screws are the mutts nuts! I even had the rep out to test the load strength on each fixing, and with upwards of 300KG force applied these screws just didn’t budge! Top quality!”

Product used: concrete screws

Walraven WLXN internally threaded concrete screw

Services used:

Technical advice service

Onsite pull test

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