RapidRail® installer gallery and testimonials

Published on: 1 March 2021

RapidRail® is Walraven’s lighter, faster version of strut! Over the last 12 months we have seen it grow in popularity with installers working on domestic and light commercial jobs because of the huge benefits it offers over traditional strut products. Here’s a reminder of a few of the benefits of RapidRail®:

  • Pre-assembled slide nuts allow much faster fixing
  • Save time and labour costs on installs
  • Easier to install overhead and at height
  • Available in 2m lengths so easier to store and transport
  • Much lighter so easier to handle

What do installers say?

We’ve had some great feedback so far from installers who have used the system. Here are a few of their comments and a link to our RapidRail@ installer gallery where you can see a larger collection of installation pictures using Walraven RapidRail®.

Todd Glister (Glister Services) recently reviewed our RapidRail® system on his Instagram channel. He offered to create a video to share just how easy it is to use and why it is his preferred channel for installations. In the video Todd explains why he likes RapidRail® and gives his own tips on how to install the products to get maximum benefits from the system.

Watch Todd’s Instagram video (this link will take you to Instagram)

Craig Reading (CR Plumbing & Heating) was one of the first heating engineers to give us feedback after he started using RapidRail® regularly on his installs. He told us:

“This system has been a great discovery for me. The benefit of the pre-assembled slide nuts is a huge time-saver. The other accessories that come with the rail are also great, making it really versatile. The cantilever arms allow pipes to be run at multiple depths against the wall with ease.”


Younger Smith Plumbing & Heating used RapidRail® for a full mechanical install on a very large country house. They commented:

“Start of a huge mansion 1st fix very busy wall…looks awesome, shame its getting covered over! Walraven’s RapidRail® and clips make this a breeze, quality gear.”


Arton Plumbing & Heating recently started using RapidRail® and told us:

“Very impressed with Walraven’s rail and clipping system RapidRail®. Not only does it look great, but it makes light work of any pipe set up. Cuts down on time and labour. Can’t recommend them enough.”

Other comments we’ve had include:

“Walraven’s RapidRail® for the win! Such a nice product to work with.”

“Using the RapidRail® system from Walraven really speeds things up.”

View RapidRail® installer gallery


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