3 reasons to switch from traditional to a light strut channel

Published on: 11 March 2021

Traditional 41×41 slotted channel is a common choice for all kinds of installations. Whilst there is no doubt it will do the job, there are some great benefits of switching to a modern, light strut channel like Walraven’s RapidRail®.

1. RapidRail® is lighter than strut light gauge channel

With a smaller rail profile than typical strut, RapidRail® is a light strut channel that still delivers a significant level of strength. Suitable for all light-medium load applications including wall and ceiling mounted pipe systems, cable trays, ventilation ducts and more. Load tables available.

Being lighter and available in 2m lengths as standard, it is easier to store, carry, transport and install – especially overhead.

2. RapidRail® is quicker than strut

RapidRail® comes with pre-assembled accessories including slide nuts for faster fixing. Never drop a nut, bolt or washer again! Slide nuts come with or without pre-cut stud. Simply twist into the rail and tighten in place. You can save up to 40% fixing time!

light gauge channel

3. RapidRail® is more cost-effective than strut

RapidRail® 30 x 20 channel is cheaper to purchase per metre than 41 x 41 or 41 x 21 strut (price comparison made Jan 2023), and because of the twist-in slide nuts making installation quicker, there is also the potential to save on time and overall labour costs on your install. With 2m lengths available as standard you can also reduce material costs and wastage if you’re in need of shorter lengths.

RapidRail® is made in the EU to strict quality standards so you can have peace of mind that you are installing a high quality, reliable product with full traceability.

Want to know more?

rapidrail accessories

Light gauge channel has so many installation benefits over traditional 41×41 slotted channel. Plus our RapidRail® is a whole system of products – not just the rail! As mentioned above there are fast-fixing slide nuts but there are also ball swivels, rail connectors, cantilever arms, wall plates and more. All the parts come with preassembled slide nuts to make the fixing process even quicker. Watch our video below for a full overview of the system or visit our product catalogue.

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