Heavy Duty Anchors for every installation

Wide range of heavy duty chemical and mechanical anchorslandingspage_plugs_mechanical

Walraven offers suitable bonded and/or mechanical anchors for a whole range of different applications. Our product guides and expert team aim to help you to find the best solution for your application. Our calculation software makes it possible to find complete product solutions for your installation job.


High quality mechanical and chemical anchors

  • ETA approved – essential to comply with BS8539:2012
  • Seismic tested according to C1/C2 standard (specified products only)landingspage_plugs_chemical
  • For indoor and outdoor applications
  • Fire resistant and tested (specified products only)
  • Free anchor design software
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Walraven Anchors Design software

Our calculation software enables designers and specifiers to carry out post-installed anchor calculations in accordance with European anchor design methods. It is an invaluable tool that saves time by performing automatic anchor calculations based on application and load details, which could otherwise take hours. It suggests optimal anchoring products for a given application, generates project reports and provides a quick access to European Technical Assessments for all Walraven heavy duty anchoring products.

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How to select the correct anchor for your installationanchor ceiling

Are you aware of the British Standard Code of Practice for anchor selection BS8539:2012? If you are a specifier, distributor, contractor, installer or tester, your roles and responsibilities in the use of construction fixings are set out in this British Standard.

Read our ‘How to’ guide for advice about how to comply with BS8539:2012


Free support and advice

We offer free technical support to help you find the right anchor for any specific load requirement. Factors that should be considered include:

  • load type (static/dynamic) and direction (tension/shear /combined)
  • environmental conditions (humidity, wind, chemicals)
  • type of wall or ceiling where the anchor will be fixed to
  • anchor spacing and edge distances
  • load-bearing capacity
  • fixed element type

Contact your Regional Sales Manager (RSM) for anchors advice in the first instance.

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