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At Walraven we think beyond individual products. Our products are designed as product systems that effortlessly combine with each other and work stronger together. From the first anchor to the last clamp, with the introduction of our Heavy Duty Anchors, you can now rely on a complete system from Walraven. The range is 100% compatible with the other products we have to offer. And that means you can be confident that every part of your installation is strong and reliable – from start to finish.

Our comprehensive range of ETA-approved mechanical and chemical anchors are complemented by our dedicated anchor calculation software. What’s more, we offer technical advice and support from the design phase through to installation on site.

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Our Heavy Duty Anchor solutions

Download Walraven Anchors Design software

Walraven Anchor Design Software

Walraven Anchor Design Software enables designers and specifiers to carry out post-installed anchor calculations in accordance to European anchor design methods:

  • EOTA ETAG001 Annex C, Method A: 2010 for Walraven mechanical anchors
  • EOTA TR029: 2010 for Walraven chemical anchors

The software is an invaluable tool that saves time by performing automatic anchor calculations based on application and load details, which could take hours otherwise. It suggests optimal anchoring product for a given application, generates project reports, and provides a quick access to European Technical Assessments for all Walraven heavy duty anchoring products.

Download Free Walraven Anchor Design Software

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How to avoid common anchor installation mistakes


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Do you need to carry out an onsite anchor pull out test?

Find out about Walraven pull out tests

WTB1 & WTB7 Throughbolt Anchors

The WTB1 & WTB7 throughbolt anchors are torque-controlled throughfixings
for medium to heavy loads.

Read more about WTB1 & WTB7 Throughbolt Anchors


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WCS1 Concrete Screws

The WCS1 concrete screws are characterised by versatility, quick and easy installation and high load capacity in cracked and non-cracked concrete.

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WDI1 Drop-in Anchors

The WDI1 drop-in anchors are easy to install and versatile deformation controlled anchors for medium loads.

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WHA1 Highload Anchors

The WHA1 highload anchors are the ultimate torque-controlled anchors for heavy to very heavy loads. They are approved for use in cracked and non-cracked concrete under normal and seismic conditions.

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WIS Chemical Anchors

Our chemical anchoring systems are formulated for maximum performance and ease of use. This product range will cater to all your anchoring requirements in any base material.

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Looking for BIM Models?

Walraven goes BIM – Anchor models coming soon!


WBA Brass Anchors

The WBA brass anchors are easy to install reduced-length deformation controlled anchors for light to medium loads.

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WCA1 Ceiling Anchors

The WCA1 ceiling anchors are easy to install deformation-controlled anchors for medium loads. They are approved for multiple use for nonstructural
applications in cracked and non-cracked concrete.

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A complete range of accessories required to install our heavy duty anchors.

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