Structural Anchoring & Safety – why are ETAs important?


Anchors are often used in safety-critical applications.ETA approved anchors But what is a safety-critical application? And how important is it to use ETA approved anchors?

The European Technical Approval guidelines define safety-critical applications as being:

“Applications in which the failure of an anchor could result in collapse or partial collapse of a structure, cause risk to human life, or lead to a significant economic loss”

Examples of safety critical applications


Why are ETA approvals important?

Given the importance of the reliability and stability of anchors in protecting the safety, health and welfare of people and property, each anchor used in a structural capacity should always have a ETA approved anchorsEuropean Technical Assessment (ETA)

European Technical Assessments provide a worldwide recognised framework for testing anchors, assessing and interpreting test results, publishing them in a standardised format. In turn, ETA approved products provide designer and specifiers with certainty that their performance data is accurate and reliable.  Anchor solutions can then be designed with peace of mind.

Can anchors without an ETA be trusted?

There are many anchors on the market without ETA approvals. These products do have some performance published by their manufacturer, supplier or distributor but can we trust this?

The reality is that determining anchor performance is a complicated matter.  ETA testing subjects anchoring projects to complex testing programs on aspects such as:

To conclude, ETA testing means that every aspect of an anchoring product is evaluated to ensure statistical reliability of the results, however, such testing can be expensive.

So this begs the question….will non-ETA anchors have undergone such rigorous testing?

Can the product performance stated on a product data sheet without the backup of an ETA certificate be trusted?

We can never be sure…however, for safety and peace of mind we would always recommend using ETA approved anchors. 


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