BS8539:2012 – how to select the right anchor for your needs

Are you taking a risk with your anchors?heavy duty anchors

The main causes of fixing failures include:

  • Selecting the wrong type of anchor
  • The anchor specification being changed without proper consideration
  • Poor installation

If you make any of these mistakes, the British Standard Code of Practice BS8539:2012 states that you could be held accountable in the event of a fixing failure. There are many instances of fixing failures causing serious injury and death, which led to the introduction of this code of practice.


What is BS8539:2012?

It is a code of practice for the selection and installation of post-installed anchors in concrete and masonry. It covers every aspect of the correct use of fixings drilled into concrete and masonry for safety critical applications.

If you are a specifier, distributor, contractor, installer or tester, your roles and responsibilities in the use of construction fixings are set out in this British Standard. See full details.


How can I ensure I select the right fixings for the job?

Anchor selector

The code recommends the use of anchors with a European Technical Approval (ETA). Walraven supply only ETA approved anchors. It is important to note that not all anchors on the market are ETA approved.

Our Anchor Selector chart shows you the full range of Walraven anchors, what substrates they are suitable for and which certifications they have.

Download Walraven Anchor Selector Chart


Why use ETA approved anchors?

  • Recommended by the BS8539:2012 code of practiceHeavy Duty Anchors for every installation
  • The liabilities of specifiers and installers are safeguarded
  • Comprehensive test regimes and assessment criteria mean that installation safety is assured
  • Performance values can be relied upon
  • Production controls in place to ensure products supplied have the same performance as during the testing process
  • Installers benefit from clear installation instructions that manufacturers are obliged to provide


Walraven can help you comply by offering:

Approved products – A full range of fully ETA approved anchors*

Specifiers – Technical support with correct fixing selections and the provision of calculation software

Contractors/installers – On site support including toolbox talks, training and pull tests

Distributors – Give you peace of mind knowing that Walraven anchors are ETA approved and therefore meet the standards required by BS5839:2012

* Excludes Brass anchor

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