Which heavy duty pipe clamps are best? Modern versus Traditional

Published on: 25 October 2018

If you are looking for pipe clamps to fix a heavy load pipe installation, there are often two types of pipe clamp to choose from – traditional split bands or modern heavy duty pipe clamps. Both of these clamps are suitable for supporting heavier loads (generally speaking), however, there are some important differences that you might want to consider.

Modern versus traditional heavy duty pipe clamps

Split bands have been around for years and are a traditional clamp comprising of a basic construction of two pieces of formed metal, secured in place in two places with nuts and bolts.         

Some installers tend to favour these clamps as they are a tried and tested method of supporting pipes and they have been used in construction for many years. So it is understandable that some installers may be reluctant to consider newer, more innovative versions of these clamps for supporting heavy loads. But there can be some great benefits of using modern alternatives.

Modern pipe clamps for supporting heavy loads, like our HD Clamps, have been designed using state of the art manufacturing methods and with quicker and easier installation in mind. As a result, they can deal in more flexible ways with issues such as:

  • Thermal expansion (as part of a system)
  • Dealing with extreme forces
  • Soundproofing requirements (lined versions)
  • Corrosion resistance (C1-C4)
  • Fast installation needs            

Now we’ll take a look at some of the specific benefits Walraven’s HD Clamps range has over traditional split bands in more detail.

heavy duty pipe clamps

Walraven heavy duty pipe clamps

Approved to European RAL quality standards

The RAL standard shows a very high level of testing and certification that will increasingly be required by specifiers or end clients.

Cost effective alternative

In many instances, heavy duty pipe clamps can be cheaper than split bands, particularly where larger sizes are required or where coatings are required for outdoor use.

Modern HD Clamps have a range of up to 10mm adjustment

A greater adjustment range means more tolerance and flexibility for onsite installation. That, in turn, can lead to fewer returned items and faster installations.

Easy installation features

Innovative product features such as a captive nut, anti-loss washer and the ability to unscrew just one side to fit the clamp, means that pipes can be installed at a much faster rate than traditional clamps. This helps you meet tight timescales whilst saving on installation costs.

Certified load bearing capacity

As part of the RAL testing, these clamps have been tested and certified to be able to carry up to 12kN of force.

Noise insulation features

Heavy duty pipe clamps are available with a rubber lining option, which means where there is a requirement for reducing noise levels, these clamps are ideal.

Highly suitable for corrosive environments

Our HD range is available with our special UltraProtect® corrosion resistant coating, suitable for up to C4 environments. This includes a 20-year warranty (subject to T&Cs).

Allow for a larger bracket distance between clamps

The larger the span between clamps, the more force will be placed on each individual clamp. Therefore, HD Clamps can help installers achieve maximum spans between clamps, thereby reducing the overall number of parts required, minimising costs.

heavy duty clamp for pipes

Traditional Split Bands

Lower BS British Standard

Split bands are manufactured to British Standards which do not include such a detailed level of testing nor certification regarding quality.

Can be expensive in some scenarios

If required in larger sizes, these can work out more expensive than heavy duty pipe clamps. For some outdoor environments, these can also be an expensive option.

Traditional, split bands only have around a 4mm adjustment range

With a much smaller range of adjustment when fitting the clamp, these clamps are less flexible and require much more accurate specification and fixing.

Loose nuts and bolts used to secure both sides

We all know how difficult it can be to install these clamps at height with hands full of nuts and bolts. Many loose parts can end up on the floor, lost whilst trying to install. This can be time-consuming and frustrating for the installers.

Uncertified load bearing capacity

As these clamps are covered only by a British Standard, they are not officially tested and certified for specific loads. Only load-bearing guidance is given.

No built-in lining options available

You cannot buy ready-lined split bands. To line a split band you need to buy a separate lining material, usually supplied in rolls or lengths, and cut it to size yourself.

Options for corrosion resistance

Split bands are available hot dip galvanised or in stainless steel which can be used for some outdoor environments. However, these can be expensive options and they do not come with a corrosion warranty.

More clamps likely to be required

In many scenarios, HD Clamps can take more force than split bands. So using split bands may not allow you to achieve the best span between clamps. This can result in additional costs as you’ll have to purchase more clamps in total.


HD Clamps – the versatile, modern alternative

As you can see, whilst there is a place for traditional pipe clamps like split bands, there are also many benefits to considering the use of modern alternatives like HD Clamps.

heavy duty pipe clamps

Why choose Walraven Heavy Duty Pipe Clamps?

Buying from Walraven you get more than just the pipe clamp itself. You will be sourcing from a quality minded manufacture with the highest levels of approvals, and you are buying from a team that can advise and support in both the procurement and implementation stages.

  • Full batch and quality control as all pipe clamps are our own manufactured product
  • Independent certifications from RAL mean the clamps will meet the highest requirements
  • HD Clamps are authorised for use on the London Underground (LUL Authorisation)
  • Certified levels of fire safety
  • Options for soundproofing and corrosion resistance
  • Can be provided as part of a whole prefabricated system for pipe fixing
  • Both technical advice and project support are available to help you select the right pipe clamps for your installation
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