Cutting, grinding, drilling, measuring, they all cost a lot of time on the building site. Not to mention the costs of labour, lost materials or mistakes. We can prefabricate solutions either in our own factory or through a number of our business partners for you and deliver them direct to site.

Benefits of using prefabrication

  • Everything arrives pre-assembled for faster fixing on site and reduced risk of installation problems.
  • Time-saving on the overall project delivery can be achieved.
  • Less onsite labour time can often mean a reduction in overall costs.
  • Zero waste – you will be delivered the exact amount of product required.
  • Health and safety compliance – offsite fabrication removes the risk of onsite processes like cutting, welding etc and can help with COVID-19 compliance.



Prefabrication case study

Our business partner Jack Pennington Ltd (JPL) have extensive prefabrication facilities on their premises in Shipley. A customer recently approached them with a request to help them design some prefabricated pipe supports for a local hospital project.

Due to Covid-19 it was important that time spent on site at the hospital was minimised, so they were seeking an offsite solution. The customer provided a detailed specification of the job requirements for three differet types of pipe support brackets including insulated pipe supports.

JPL designed the solutions using Walraven phenolic pipe supports and unlined clamps, and prefabricated the solutions on their premises. The support brackets were packaged securely and delivered direct to the hospital site on JPL’s own vehicles.

In summary

  • All of the prefabrication processes were carried out on premises at JPL
  • JPL stock much of Walraven’s product range on site so have good availability of parts
  • Delivery safely to site in JPL’s own vehchles for added peace of mind
  • The process reduced time on site for the contractor
  • Helped comply with Covid-19 requirements

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