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We understand that fire stopping can be a complex topic. Here you can find a collection of articles written by our fire stopping specialist to help explain some key topics around fire stopping mechanical services. We will be adding more articles here on a regular basis so come back to find out more or sign up to our newsletters to receive an email when a new article is published.

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What is fire stopping and why is it important for M&E installations?

In this article we explain about the importance of compartmentation and why M&E services penetrating fire compartment walls must be adequately sealed.

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We’ve expanded our fire stopping product range!

Find out about our NEW firestop wrap for sealing combustible pipes and our Graphite sealant for sealing apertures and small cable bundles.

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Why is it important to consider the reaction of fixings in a fire?

When installing M&E services above an escape route, it is important to use fire rated fixings so that any fixing failure in a fire does not block the escape.

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What is an ETA and why is it important for firestop products?

Not all firestop products have ETA documentation alongside them. Here we explain what are ETA’s and why they can be important for firestop products.

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Firestop ETAs – What information is in an ETA and how can it be used?

This article will tell you what information is contained in an ETA and how to find product performance data that matches your project’s requirements.

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How important is the testing of firestop products?

Not all companies test their firestop products to the same standards. At Walraven we believe in testing above and beyond standard requirements.

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Is fire stopping mandatory? A brief look at building regulations

Here we take a quick look at what the building regulations mean for fire stopping building services.

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How to firestop single, multiple & mixed-service penetrations

Here we explain the different requirements when fire stopping different types of openings.

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