We’ve expanded our firestopping product range

Published on: 4 October 2022

We have added to our current range of fire collars, fire sleeves and sealants with two new products. A firestop wrap which offers a versatile solution for sealing pipes through walls and floors as well as a new Graphite sealant which complements our current range of sealants.

NEW Pacifyre® FPW – Firestop Wrap

We have recently launched our new firestop wrap Pacifyre FPW which is suitable for firestopping combustible pipes of various types up to Ø160mm. Product comes in a roll of 9.2m which makes it perfect for firestopping a large number of pipes. What makes this product stand out is the fact that it has been tested for ventilated pipes (i.e. rainwater pipes) under U/U configuration with fire rating up to 120mins which is the most onerous scenario when it comes to firestopping plastic pipes. The product together with its features, installation guide and its performance can all be found on the ETA-22/0022 on the link here.

The wrap can be used in rigid and flexible walls and floors and below you can find some typical applications. More applications and details can be found on the relevant ETA.

How to install the FPW firestop wrap

View FPW product information


NEW Pacifyre® G – Graphite Sealant

The Pacifyre G is a product that comes to complement our sealant product range and is perfect for use on small combustible pipes (up to Ø50mm), non-combustible pipes (up to Ø32mm), cables and cable bundles and more. It is a very cost effective solution for sealing small gaps around small services. It has a fire rating up to 120mins dependant on the application and comes with a comprehensive ETA-22/0023 which can be found here.

Pacifyre G can be used on flexible and rigid walls as well as rigid floors and some of the typical applications can be found below, with more detail available in the ETA document.

How to use Pacifyre® G sealant

View Pacifyre G product information


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