Fire tested fixings

Fire-safe fixings from Walraven

A number of our products have undergone extensive internal and external third party fire tests to provide certificated evidence of their ability to withstand high temperatures where this is required. A summary of our fire tested fixings can be found below:

Walraven Heavy Duty Anchors

The majority of our anchor range has been fire tested as part of the comprehensive ETA testing program. They have all been given a fire resistance rating of R30 – R120 and the finer details of the test variables are shown in the ETA documentation for each product.

The ETA documents can be found on the anchor product pages or in the download section on the website.

Here is an example of some of the detail that can be found in the ETA document for the concrete screw hex head:


fire tested fixings

Channel system – Walraven RapidStrut®

Walraven RapidStrut® is our own strut channel system comprising channel and accessories that can be used to make complete support frames for pipe and cable trays.

The system has undergone a fire assessment for loaded Walraven RapidStrut® fixing rails combined with threaded rods fixed to solid structural elements with regard to loadbearing capacity and deformation under exposure to fire along the standard temperature-time curve (ETK) in accordance with DIN EN 1363-1.

The details and results of the tests can be found here.

fire rated fixings

Walraven Pipe Clamps

A number of our pipe clamps have undergone fire testing as part of their third party RAL quality testing. These include:

  • Walraven Heavy duty pipe clamps lined and unlined (HD1501 and HD500)
  • Walraven Flash single screw lined pipe clamp
  • Walraven Bismat 2000s red lined clip
  • Walraven Bifix G2 lined and unlined (awaiting final certification)

The results of the fire tests can be found in the RAL products data sheet here. An example for the HD1501 lined HD clamp is shown here.

fire tested fixings

fire rated fixings

fire tested fixings


Expansion Devices

Walraven expansion devices and ball swivels for dealing with pipe movement have also been fire tested to determine the duration of fire resistance.

View the fire test report

fire tested fixings

Walraven Phenolic Insulated Pipe Supports

Walraven Phenblox® has a densely cross-linked structure that makes it difficult to ignite when subjected to fire, and also produces minimal smoke.

It has achieved a European Reaction to Fire rating of Class BL-S1,d0 in accordance with EN 14314 and EN 13501-1 which also boasts the highest (best) class in relation to reducing the frequency of flaming droplets/particles.

Our WalravenPhenblox® can be installed with our fire rated HD500 clamps. Our phenolic brochure gives full details.

Walraven Britclips® Cable Fixings

The 18th Edition Wiring Regulations changed in 2019 to state that it was no longer acceptable for plastic clips to be the only method used for fixing wiring in entry and exit routes.

Suitable metal fixings should also be used, such as steel clips, to reduce the risk of cable fixings failing and causing obstruction. These metal fixings should be used approximately every 300mm for horizontal fixing and every 400mm when fixing vertically, up a wall for example.

Walraven Britclips® Electrical Fixings range is made of spring steel CS70 and is suitable for use in entry and exit routes as long as they are installed in accordance with the 18th Edition guidelines.

You can read more about the 18th Edition regulations for cable fixing in our short article here.

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