How to fire stop PVC pipes

Published on: 29 March 2018

When looking for a firestop for PVC pipes, there are a few important things to consider.  Plastic pipes exposed to fire will react differently according to the type of plastic they are made from.  Some will soften and then char as the fire progresses, others will soften and melt.  If not properly fire stopped these pipes may burn out and leave a passage for fire into adjoining rooms and allow a fire to quickly spread.

BFC collar firestop for pvc pipes

What products should I consider using?

Fire collars and fire sleeves with intumescent materials are usually used to squeeze the pipe shut, completely sealing it before the fire can pass through.

Because different types of plastic can react to fire in different ways, you must ensure the fire collar you choose is tested and approved for the type of plastic or make of pipe you are using.  Not all collars will be effective for all types of plastic pipe.  Some collars can only be used on one or two specific types of plastic, others are more versatile.

Our new Pacifyre® BFC Fire Collar is approved for use on the following types of plastic pipe:

Standard Pipe Types:

  • PVC, PE, PP, PP-R, Multilayer

Noise Reducing Pipes:

  • Blue Power, Wavin SITECH, Aquatherm Green, Geberit Silent PP, POLO-KAL NG, Rehau Raupiano Plus, Triplus 3

The BFC Fire Collar is a great standard collar with the added reassurance of an ETA Approval and CE Mark.

Find out more about the BFC Fire Collar


Premium Fire CollarsEFC fire collar firestop for PVC pipes

We have some premium fire collars in our range that can be used as a firestop for PVC pipes in more challenging installation situations. Our Pacifyre® EFC Endless Fire Collar is a boxed product where you can cut the collar to the length required, offering maximum flexibility. Due to its innovative design, it can be used in tricky situations such as angled penetrations, multiple penetrations with zero distance between the pipes, corner penetrations and more.

Find out more about the Endless Fire Collar


We also have the Pacifyre® AWM III Fire Collar which is a high spec fire collar for complex installations. It can be used to fire seal plastic pipes up to Ø200mm in walls and ceilings and our MAXfirestop for pvc pipes version is available for larger pipe sizes up to Ø400mm. It can be used in more challenging situations and can be fitted to provide added noise insulation benefits.

Find out more about AWM III


Pacifyre® MK II Fire Sleeve

An effective alternative to using a fire collar on a plastic pipe is a Pacifyre® MKII Fire Sleeve.  This can be used to seal most types of plastic pipe.  A fire sleeve can be useful where the installation fire stopping solution firestop for pvc pipesrequires more than a standard fire stop solution.  For example, if there is significant movement or thermal expansion expected, if an element of noise insulation is required, or if there are multiple pipes to seal in close proximity to each other then this fire sleeve is a cost effective solution.

Find out more about the MK II Fire Sleeve


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