New and improved Maxx system – what’s changed?

Published on: 29 July 2022

Walraven’s product designers have recently implemented a number of improvements to the original Maxx heavy rail system. As a result the system is now even easier to use, with improved corrosion protection.

So what’s new?new and improved maxx

Brand new Hammerfix connector allows faster installation and easier adjustments compared to when using screw or bolt fixings. The Hammerfix can be used for making all connections in the system. Find out more here.

All parts now HDG (hot dip galvanised) including the Hammerfix connector bolt, ensuring corrosion protection across the whole system (excluding the traditional bolt set).

Improved hole pattern design on all parts so that hole patterns line up perfectly when connecting parts together.  Quicker, easier construction.

Improved base plate design including higher safe load performance as it is now made from a stronger steel (S275), and adjustments to the anchor holes for easy fixing with throughbolts.

Simplified system – removal of a few unnecessary parts means this system really is a simple modular kit which can be used for a multitude of MEP installations.

BIM objects will be made available for all parts soon.

Essential load data

You can view load values for the Maxx system in our  Maxx Technical Data Sheet.

Making the job on-site safer and faster!

new maxxThe key overall benefits of using a modular system mean you can construct heavy duty load-bearing frames quicker and safer than using traditional welded steel methods. They also offer increased flexibility, as the simple ‘kit’ formats can be used to construct a whole range of support types quickly and easily. The system can also be pre-assembled off-site.

In building services heavy modular systems are used for plant rooms, pipe bridges, multi-service tunnels and more. They are so flexible and adaptable in their construction that they are becoming a popular choice for contractors looking to make efficient installations.


Technical Support

When you have a requirement for a heavy duty modular steel frame, our Technical Support Team can assist you with the design of a suitable support frame for your installation. We can analyse your installation environment and carry out calculations, analyse forces and other technical requirements in order to design an optimal solution.

Designs can range from really simple structures to more complex designs where required.


What can we offer?

  • CAD design of the solution
  • Revit / BIM support
  • 3D strength calculations
  • Assembly instructions
  • Detailed quotations and parts lists
  • On-site support
  • After-sales support

Find out more about Maxx

To read more about Maxx including product information, case studies and other useful articles click here.

If you would like to request a product demonstration or an appointment with a Walraven representative to find out more about this system then please complete the form on this page and we will get back to you. Alternatively you can request technical support here.

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