Walraven expands firestop product range

Published on: 15 March 2018

We are pleased to launch our new firestop collar and sealants to complement our Pacifyre® fire protection product range.  Our aim was to produce a standard fire collar for the installer which is simple and effective, whilst fully tested and certified. We pride ourselves on providing product solutions that are of the highest quality, fully tested and approved to ETA and CE standards.

Introducing our new Pacifyre® BFC Firestop CollarPacifyre® BFC firestop collar

The BFC Fire Collar is designed to maintain fire resistance levels where plastic pipes penetrate fire compartment walls or floors.  It does this by surrounding the pipe with intumescent compounds that expand throughout the fire.  This prevents flames and hot gases passing into other compartments.

It is suitable for plastic pipes up to ø 160mm and offers up to four hours fire protection in floor/ceiling penetrations, and up to two hours if used in wall penetrations.

Main features and benefits

  • Low product height, only 42.5mm for easy installation in small spaces
  • Suitable for damp conditions
  • Oversized length to allow flexibility in positioning
  • Two collars provided per box to facilitate correct installation according to regulation. (For wall penetrations, a collar should be installed on BOTH sides of the wall)
  • ETA certified and CE marked
  • Approved for use on a wide range of pipe types (see brochure for full details)AS

All technical details can be found in the Declaration of Performance and ETA.

Pacifyre® Silicone and Acrylic Fire Sealants

Our new Silicone and Acrylic fire sealants are easy to use products for preventing the spread of fire and smoke through joints in walls and floors.  The sealants provide excellent adhesion to most substrates. These can be used to seal static linear joints as well as annular joints around pipes, fire collars and sleeves.  The products are fire resistant and smoke tight up to EL240/120 and have also been tested and approved according to EN1366-4 and EN1366-3. More information on each product can be found in the product brochure.

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