NEW 10-16″ Britclips® RSWB available now!

Published on: 22 November 2019

We have just launched a shorter version of the popular RSWB (Rapid Sliding Wall Bracket) for gaps of 10-16″ (25-40cm) – perfect for fixing in floor joists and non-standard stud wall divides. rswb

After feedback from installers that they often cut the standard bracket down for smaller spaces, we thought we would make life easier for them and manufacture a shorter bracket.

No more noggins!

Traditionally, wooden noggins are used for fixing electrics in stud walls and pipework in floors. Whilst this method has been used for many years, it is not the easiest or most convenient method for today’s busy engineers and electricians.

Use RSWB’s for faster first fixing!

With two sizes available they will now fit any joist divide between 25 and 60cm (10-24″). Perfect for all first fixing needs from mounting pipework in floor joists or stud walls to bathroom fixings, electrical boxes, conduit and more! With pre-drilled holes you can simply screw in your pipe clips or back boxes. They are fast becoming an essential part of the electrician and plumbers toolkit.

Feedback from installers

Jordan Davies from Amigo Electrical told us: “We use the RSWB as standard now for all our first fixing. It’s so convenient, cost-effective and is a huge time-saver.” 

Craig from CR Plumbing and Heating told us: “We’re using the bracket on almost all of our installations now from bathroom first fixing, long pipe runs through timber joists and stud walls, to repair works. They have really changed the way we work. It’s such a versatile product which helps us get our jobs done quicker and they look great too!”









Find out more on our product page or request a sample here. View our RSWB installation gallery here.

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