Popular Britclips® now available with metal saddles and cable ties

Published on: 10 February 2022

Some of our most popular Britclips® fixings are now available with stainless steel saddles and cable ties. Perfect for use in compliance with the 18th Edition. A summary of the 18th Edition regulations regarding cable fixing can be found here.

Here are the articles now available with stainless steel saddles and cable ties.

Beam Clips

The traditional Beam Clip / Saddle Combination and Reversed Saddle Combination are both now available in a range of sizes suitable for beams from 4mm up to 28mm, with a metal saddle and cable tie. The clips can be purchased with or without the cable tie included, and the cable tie combination is also available in two lengths depending on your requirements. Full details are on the product pages.

View Beam Clip with Saddle (Metal) View Beam Clip with Reversed Saddle (Metal)

Master Clamps / G Clamps

metal saddle

Our popular Master Clamp provides a strong fixing to steel structures and is now available with a stainless steel saddle. These are so quick and easy to attach to beams with an impact driver, and provide a solid fixing for cable bundles. Steel cable ties can be purchased separately for this one.

View Master Clamp / Cable Tie (Metal)


Purlin Clips

metal saddle

The Britclips® VF1 Vertical Flange Clip for vertical purlins can now be purchased with a steel saddle, with or without a 200mm steel cable tie included.


Ceiling Grid Clips


The T Bar Angle Bracket with Cable Tie is perfect for fixing cables on top of a ceiling grid. Now available with metal saddle and cable tie.

View T Bar Angle Bracket


Cable Tie (Metal)

stainless steel cable tie

We can now supply two lengths of stainless steel cable tie, 200mm or 300mm. These can be purchased as a stand alone item, separately to any of our clips. These are ideal for cable bundling in high temperature environments and in compliance with the 18th Edition. They have a self-locking head which locks into place at any length along the tie body. For fast and flexible installation.

View Cable Tie (Metal)


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