Quick guide to beam clips

Published on: 10 September 2021

Beam clips attach directly onto structural steel beams so that wires and cables can be attached to the framework of a building. They are usually hammered or clipped directly onto the beam, with an eyelet or aperture that allows wire or cable to be attached. beam clips

They connect components to the structural steel without any need for welding or drilling, and can be used to suspend or secure fixtures, wires, and threaded rod.

Walraven beam clips are typically made from spring steel with Delta-tone 9000 surface treatment. Spring steel is known to be resilient and pliable.

Selecting the correct beam clip

Beam clips are available in a range of different styles and types. They can be used with a rod hanger, cable ties or for use with conduit and more.

When selecting your beam clip you should take into account:

  • Type of clip required
  • Capacity and beam size
  • Suitability of the beam
  • Is the application temporary or permanent

Types of beam clip beam clips

Here is a small selection of our beam clips. To view the full range there is a  link at the end of this article.

The Britclips® Beam Clip (BC clip) is available as a stand alone clip or with various combination parts to allow for a whole range of fixing solutions. It offers a solid fixing to steel with a Ø6.5mm fixing hole.

Britclips® Beam Clip with cable tie or saddle combination – This type is available with cable ties or with just the saddle for cable tie attachment. The combination part can be standard position or reversed depending on the installation requirements.


Britclips® Beam Clip with Conduit Combination –  The Britclips® Beam clip with conduit combination offers a solid fixing to steel with a conduit clip attachemnt. The conduit clip can swivel 360° for extra versatility.

Britclips® Master Clamps  – These sit in our beam clip range but are more of a clamp style fixing onto the beam. These are a popular choice which are again available as either the stand alone MC clamp, or with a number of combination parts. The Master Clamp can be installed horizontal or vertical and is available with combinations such as conduit combination, with a light duty cable tray bracket, threaded rod hanger and more.

Britclips® Universal Beam Clips  – The Universal Beam clip allows more fixing solutions than the standard beam clip can offer such as suspending a threaded rod and is also suitable for use with flanges both vertically and horizontally. Again it is available as a stand alone clip or with various combination parts some of which are shown here.

How to fit beam clips

Beam clips are easy to install, they can just be pushed and clipped on and/or once placed in position they can be secured using a rubber hammer.  Then depending on your installation and fixing requirement you can go ahead and attach your wires or cables. Master Clamps can be fitted quickly and easily using a power tool/impact wrench.

Find out more

Our range of Britclips® electrical fixings are made in the UK and are available to buy through most national electrical wholesalers including CEF, Yesss and Edmundsons, as well as many independents. Ask in your local merchant or give us a call to find your local stockist.

View Walraven’s full range of beam clips  beam clips



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