Quick guide to decking fixings

Published on: 18 June 2021

Steel decking is now widely installed as a fixing surface in all types of construction projects. It can make the installation of services easier, without the need to drill direct into the ceiling. The most common types of fixing for roof decking include wedge nuts, dovetail cable fixings and wedge hangers.

How to select the right decking fixing for your job

There are many types of decking from numerous manufacturers including MetFlor, Multideck, ComFlor, RibDeck, Superib to name a few. Decking types will vary in design and profile therefore it is important to check that the fixing you select is suitable for the type of decking being used. If in doubt, contact the manufacturer.

Wedge nuts and deck hanger type fixings are generally used where a threaded rod suspended fixing is required. Again you should check the type and dimensions of the decking profile to ensure you select the correct size wedge nut or hanger type fixing.

For cable management, it is more common to use dovetail fixings as they are very quick and simple to install on long cable runs.

Types of decking fixings

Wedges nuts, also known as V nuts, are placed in the hollow channel of the decking. They have a tapped hole to secure threaded rod, which can then be used to suspend mechanical and electrical services. Walraven offers a standard wedge nut in a range of dimensions from 19-25mm (top width).

deck hanger

Wedge hangers such as the Multiwedge, Alphawedge and TR60 Deck Hanger are two part fixings consisting of a wedge that fixes into the decking and a locking plate to secure the fixing. These hanger type fixings are also for  suspending threaded rod from composite roof decking.



Dovetail cable fixings are made from spring steel and are used for fast-fixing of cables to composite decking systems. The dovetail fixing simply pushes into the decking profile and the cables are either held within the decking profile or suspended underneath. There are different types of fixing depending on the types of cable installation.

  • HOL2 cable hanger secures up to 4 cables, 7-8mm and 9-12mm, and rotates through 360°

  • HOL2-xC is for supporting a bundle of smaller cables

decking fixings

  • HOL1 is for securing conduit within the decking profile and can be used with cable run clips (CR) attached underneath for attaching a cable to the same fixing.

deck hangers

Which decking systems do Walraven’s products fit?

Our wedge nuts are suitable for the following decking types:

  • CMF MetFlor 55
  • Kingspan Multideck 50-V3
  • SMD R51
  • Tata Steel Comflor 51
  • Richard Lees Superib

Our dovetail cable hangers HOL2-1 and HOL2-SC (12-16mm) are suitable for:

  • CMF MetFlor 55
  • Kingspan Multideck 50-V3
  • SMD R51
  • Tata Steel Comflor 51, 60 and 80
  • Richard Lees Superib, Ribdeck S60, Ribdeck 80

Our dovetail cable hangers HOL2-2 and HOL2-LC (17-22mm) are suitable for:

  • CMF MetFlor 55
  • Kingspan Multideck 50-V3
  • SMD R51
  • Tata Steel Comflor 51
  • Richard Lees Superib

Our Multiwedge is suitable for:

  • Ward Multideck 60
  • Multideck 80

Our Alphawedge is suitable for:

  • Richard Lee Ribdeck AL
  • RIbdeck E60
  • Ribdeck 80

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Our range of Britclips® electrical fixings are made in the UK and are available to buy through most national electrical wholesalers as well as many independents. Ask in your local merchant or give us a call to find your local stockist.

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